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Number of detainees on the mine disaster has risen to 7

Seven people were arrested in the investigation into the landslide that occurred in a private mine in Şirvan, district of Siirt.

"The method of using foreign currency as weapons is applied to many countries"

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the speech to headmen in the Presidential Complex, said, "Essentially, the method of using foreign currency as a weapon is applied not only to our country but to many countries."

"We lost our daughter, we not want to lose our son too"

Family in Mardin which lost one of their child from Cystic Fibrosis Disease and second child of the family was also diagnosed with the same disease. The helpless family call to authorities and said, "We lost our daughter, we do not want to lose our son too."

Plane crashes in Pakistan

It is reported that a plane including 40 passengers and crew crashed in Pakistan.

"Making the constitution peaceful with people's values ​​is debt of honor of politics"

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yavuz, evaluated of the new constitution, said that it is debt of honor of politics to make a constitution which is in peace with the religious values ​​of the people and will not produce conflict.

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