Five soldiers lost their lives in El Bab

    In the scope of Operation Euphrates Shield in the El Bab 5 soldiers lost their lives, 9 soldiers were injured in a car bomb attack carried out by Daesh.

    "Parents should not forget that the grades are temporary"

    Educators, indicating that success and failure can not be measured only by reports card, said that families should not forget that their grades are temporary.


    "A person who feels in vain, refreshes when read Quran"

    Resolution of the Qur’an’s students who are visually impaired and learn with the eye of the heart by touching the Qur'an is a great example for everyone.


    Discussions on palm oil gives operation image

    Radiation Oncology Expert Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Dizdar stated that the studies that have been made so far do not offer any information on how the oil of palm carries out cancer, said that, "This gives more an image of operation. Today this is a $ 44 billion market."

    "Justice cannot be said even if a single innocent has been victimized"

    President Erdoğan stressed that even if there is a single innocent victim in a case, there will be no mention of justice there, he said that the people in critical positions within the judicial bureaucracy derail their jobs with the orders of FETO.


    "What we need is unity and solidarity"

    HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman M. Hüseyin Yılmaz met with representatives of non-governmental organizations in Bismil, district of Diyarbakır.


    Building collapses in Iran: 30 die

    A fire broke out in a building in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and 30 people lost their lives after collapsing the building, and 38 people were injured.


    Avalanche in Italy: 30 die

    In Italy, 30 people lost their lives in the avalanche happened after the earthquake.


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The most important cause of divorce is irresponsible and irrelevant behavior

TURKSTAT [Turkish Statistical Institute] explained the family structure survey of last year. According to this, the most common reason for divorce in Turkiye is 50.9 percent and it is irresponsible and irrelevant.

"Zionists’ boldness is that Muslims have not formed unity"

HUDA PAR headquarters made important statements on the agenda, cautioned that the real cause of the attacks targeting Islam and Muslims stemmed from their inability to unite against the common enemies of Muslims.

Hüseyin Velioğlu commemorates upon his grave

Hizbullah Congregation Founding Guide Hüseyin Velioğlu, commemorated upon his grave on his 17th martyrdom anniversary by his lovers. His grave was visited all day long by visitors.

Istanbul Governor Şahin: Attacker trained in Afghanistan

Vasip Şahin, the governor of Istanbul, explained that the captured nightclub attacker accepted the crime and that the fingerprint match was compliant. Şahin said the attacker had studied in Afghanistan and knew 4 languages.

Chechen murderer Zona caught in Ukraine

Zona, who was tried and released on charges of murder against Chechens in Turkiye, was taken into custody on the grounds that he founded a gang for theft and extortion in Ukraine.

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