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Purpose of Western forces is not to clean up Mosul from ISIS

HUDA PAR [Free Cause Party] drew attention to the purpose of Western forces is not to clean up Mosul from ISIS, their main purpose is to set ground for the civil war in Iraq and turn it to Syria.

A delegation went to Baghdad for Bashiqa crisis

It is reported that a delegation went to Baghdad from Ankara in order to end Bashiqa crisis which occurred between Turkiye and Iraq

Warning from the UN for humanitarian disaster

Humanitarian disaster warning from the UN came after the operation launched on ISIL controlled Mosul, city of Iraq by coalition which U.S. is leading.

Statement about Mosul from Erdogan, Turkish President

“We are not responsible from the results of operations where Turkiye has not involved in. We will also be around the table in the operation” said Turkish President Erdogan in the statement about Mosul.

Racism: Bloody legacy of U.S. history transferred to today

After black people have been killed recently by police, it shows that inhuman politics of U.S. system will not end which they constructed their empire on the indigenous people’s bonds.

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