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BATMAN“Our people give the most effective answer against defamations”

Participating in the activity of Holy Birth held in Batman by Prophet Lovers Platform, scholars shared their feelings. Scholars remarked that people gave the most beautiful answer to those who want to shadow the activities of the Holy Births.

NEWS CENTERDenunciation on the “assassination call” to President Erdoğan

President Erdoğan denounced a crime for French political scientist Philippe Moreau Defarges, who was referring to the assassination to Erdoğan on a television channel.

BATMAN“They look for justice in minds that cause them to lose justice”

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu stated that many people today are looking for justice in minds persecuted them and cause them to lose justice without being persecuted, saying that the real justice was pulled out of the earth after Muhammad.

BATMANPeople in Batman come together loyally for the Prophet

The Platform of the Prophet Lovers organized the “Holy Birth” event in Batman Mawlid Rally Area with the intense Prophet Muhammad lovers’ participation. In the event, it was emphasized that governments should be managed by faithful people for rights and justice to be dominated.

NEWS CENTERErdoğan Tezic one of the notorious actors of February 28 dies

Former Council of Higher Education [YÖK] President Erdoğan Teziç who kept the ban of headscarves to the entrance university at the highest level during February 28 period, died. Social media users also recalled Teziç's old practices and reacted.

DIYARBAKIRYetim-Der brings hundreds of orphans together in picnic

Orphan Association [Yetim-Der] has made more than 300 orphans happy along with their families in picnic under the campaign “Also you make an orphan happy”.

NEWS CENTER“Believers cannot be without Miraj and Miraj cannot be without Masjid Al-Aqsa”

The president of the Religious Affairs of Turkiye, says that the Muslims cannot be without Miraj and Miraj cannot be without Masjid al-Aqsa, said that the establishment of security and peace in the geography of Islam where under atrocity is only possible with the values of Miraj to be adopted.

BATMAN“Connection between Allah and man is praying”

Molla Enver Kılıçarslan, the Chairman of the Union of Scholars, said that prayers [salaat] is an important worship that an occasion to establish a bond with Allah, and it is miraj [ascension] of Muslim, pointed out that most beautiful way to convey thanksgiving is salaat.

NEWS CENTER“It is great ignorance to link the Holy Birth programs with a dirty structure”

The Prophet Lovers Platform reacts to the headline of the Turkiye newspaper, stated that it is blindness and ignorance to link Holy Births activities with FETO.

NEWS CENTERToday's news is a defamation, a hoax says Görmez

Religious Affairs President Mehmet Görmez in a television program he participated, reacted to the news in the Turkiye Newspaper, said that the news is the slander that emerged yesterday.