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BATMANHüseyin Velioğlu commemorates upon his grave

Hizbullah Congregation Founding Guide Hüseyin Velioğlu, commemorated upon his grave on his 17th martyrdom anniversary by his lovers. His grave was visited all day long by visitors.

ISTANBULIstanbul Governor Şahin: Attacker trained in Afghanistan

Vasip Şahin, the governor of Istanbul, explained that the captured nightclub attacker accepted the crime and that the fingerprint match was compliant. Şahin said the attacker had studied in Afghanistan and knew 4 languages.

NEWS CENTERChechen murderer Zona caught in Ukraine

Zona, who was tried and released on charges of murder against Chechens in Turkiye, was taken into custody on the grounds that he founded a gang for theft and extortion in Ukraine.

DIYARBAKIRNumber of police lost their lives in Diyarbakır increased to 4

In Diyarbakir, the number of police officers lost their lives increased to 4 in the explosion that carried out during the transition of the Riot Force armored police service vehicle.

DIYARBAKIRStatement from Diyarbakır Governor about the attack

The Diyarbakır Governor's Office made an announcement about the explosion that carried out during the passage of a police vehicle in the region where the excavation and debris were spread in the campus area of ​​Dicle University in Diyarbakir.

ISTANBULNightclub attacker caught

The person who killed 39 people by attacking the New Year's Eve nightclub in Ortaköy in Istanbul was caught right in Esenyurt.

BISHKEKCargo plane crashes to settlement area: 32 dead

Turkiye's cargo plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan's capital city near Bishkek, in settlement place which 32 people died, four people were injured.

NEWS CENTERBoat sank in the Mediterranean: 100 refugees dies

Refugee boat sinked in the Mediterranean, and nearly 100 people lost their lives.

BATMAN"Muslims need common language and leadership for their unity [Wahdat]"

Historian Mehmet Çelik, who said that Muslims did not know their own civilization and urbaneness and did not realize that they had great power, emphasized the need for a common language and education understanding.

NEWS CENTER"226 million smokers live in poverty"

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report on tobacco, the world's leading killer, noted that tobacco control could save billions of dollars and millions of lives.