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DIYARBAKIRResponds to Turkiye newspaper, which links Holy Birth to FETO

Union of Scholars [İttihad-ul Ulama] and Prophet Lovers Platform reacted to Turkiye newspaper’s headline news that said “Why still Religious Affairs backing Holy Brith events? It is a FETO’s project.”

NEWS CENTERStrong reaction from the Directorate of Religious Affairs to the ‘Turkiye Newspaper’

The President of the Directorate of Religious Affairs reacted strongly to the ‘Turkiye Newspaper’ published with the headline “Holy Birth is a FETO project”, “Why Religious Affairs is backing”.

AGRI“Differences cannot lift our brotherhood, we are pure children of Islam”

The President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez participated in the ‘Holy Birth Special Program’ organized in Ağrı on the occasion of Holy Birth Week.

DIYARBAKIR“Rising of nur from Hira” to enter every house

The Siyer [biography of Prophet] book, titled “Rising of Nur from Hira” published under the Holy Birth events, is being circulated all over Turkiye by the Platform of Prophet Lovers.

NEWS CENTERExplanation on Syria from Turkiye Iran and Russia delegations

The meeting of the experts' delegations of the three countries which were guarantors in the ceasefire in Syria, which took place in the Iranian capital, Tehran, ended.

NEWS CENTERUS sales $ 295.6 million arms to Peshmerga

US State Department says it has approved $ 295.6 million weapons sale to Iraq for Peshmerga forces

NEWS CENTERSoros push the boat out to conflict in Turkiye

American financial speculator George Soros who sponsored the ‘gezi event’ in Turkiye, push the boat out to cause conflict in Turkiye after the referendum outbreaks as ‘yes’.

DIYARBAKIR“HUDA PAR is the grout of peace and brotherhood” Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu says

Evaluating the results of Turkiye’s referendum, HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu said that many problems will be solved with HUDA PAR and they are ready to make a domestic constitution.

NEWS CENTERIran must change its Syria’s policy says Ahmedinejad

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran, Turkiye and Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries should change their policy in Syria.

DIYARBAKIR“CHP aims to cancel election results and cause chaos”

Evaluating the appeal of the CHP to the YSK in the direction of canceling the referendum, Mehmet Karadağ, Chairman of the Human Rights Society, said the CHP targets to cancel the election results and cause an atmosphere of chaos in the society.