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MARDINMortar attack carried out by PYD: 3 Turkish soldiers injure

Three soldiers were slightly injured in a mortar attack came from Syria under the control of the PYD on a border post in the district of Kızıltepe of Mardin.

NEWS CENTER“Many voted ‘yes’ relied on HUDA PAR”

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu stated that many unstable voters, who previously saw many discourses said by HUDA PAR about the country came true later on, have used ‘yes’ preference.

ISTANBUL“The Egyptian Army hid its real intention”

Participating in the seminar on “The Last Political Situation in Egypt” organized by the SDAM [Strategic Thought and Analysis Center], Parliamentary Secretary of the Egyptian Constitutional and Development Party, Usame Rushdie, said that the Egyptian army had hidden its true intention to take over the administration entirely during the revolution.

NEWS CENTEROperation on FETO in Turkiye: 803 detention

In Turkiye, 803 suspects were detained in operations against FETO.

NEWS CENTER70 PKK members killed in Sinjar and Karaçok says Turkiye Armed Forces

Turkiye’s Armed Forces announced that 70 PKK members killed in the air operation on PKK camps in Syria and Iraq on Tuesday.

DIYARBAKIRMartyr mothers evaluate decision of Yasin Börü case

Mothers of the martyrs evaluated the punishment gave to murderer of Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Riyad Güneş and Hasan Gökgöz. Mothers emphasized that justice was not provided and that the instigators should also be tried.

BATMANPictures from Batman Holy Birth Celebration

Pictures from Holy Birth event held in Batman on April 23 by Prophet Lovers Platform.

MARDINFormer AK Party District Chairman detains of corruption

In the corruption operation in Mardin's Derik district, 12 people were detained, including the former District Head of the AK Party and officers in various institutions. Operations are believed to be linked to the assassination of District Governor Safitürk.

NEWS CENTERKDP: The main reason for the attacks and instability is the PKK

Following the air strike carried out by Turkiye Army Forces in Sinjar, KDP [Kurdistan Democratic Party] made a written statement that the main cause of the attacks was the presence of the PKK in the region and the PKK should be withdrawn from the region.

NEWS CENTERTurkiye Foreign Ministry slams PACE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly to the PACE’s re-open monitoring decision for Turkiye.