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NEWS CENTER“The government should give up close its eyes in the face of rights violations”

HUDA PAR, in the evaluation of the agenda, emphasized that the Government should give up close its eyes on violations especially in the Kurdish provinces in the face of the grievances arising from security investigations not based on justified reasons.

JERUSALEMZionist gang detains Sheikh Raid Salah

The zionist terror gang detained Sheikh Raid Salah, known as the guardian of the Masjid al-Aqsa.

NEWS CENTER312 people lost their lives in the flood in Sierra Leone

It has been reported that at least 312 people have lost their lives in landslides caused by extreme rainfall in African country Sierra Leone.

AGRITruck accident with minibus: 7 dead 11 injured

Seven people lost their lives and 11 people were injured in the accident that resulted in the collision of a minibus with a truck in the town of Tutak in Turkiye’s Ağrı.

NEWS CENTERHundreds of people stuck in the mud in Sierra Leone

It has been said that hundreds of people have stuck in the soil in the West African country, Sierra Leone due to landslide following the extreme precipitation.

NEWS CENTER31 people lost their lives in Holy Land in Saudi Arabia

It was stated that 31 people who went to the holy lands in Saudi Arabia in order to fulfill the pilgrimage [hajj], lost their lives.

NEWS CENTER“Hundreds of thousands of tons of watermelon and melon are wasted”

Four million tons of watermelon; 1.7-1.8 million tons of melons were produced said TZOB [Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers] Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar and added that about half a million tons of watermelons, more than 200 thousand tons of melons have been wasted.

ISTANBUL“Hasan Çınar was one of our brother who paid the price for the Islamic cause”

Friends and relatives of HUDA PAR Istanbul’s Bahçelievler District Chairman Hasan Çınar who passed away stated that he was a person who paid the price for the Islamic cause.

NEWS CENTERInstructions from the Ministry to analyze eggs

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock has instructed the eggs to be analyzed for the presence of "fipronil" material.

NEWS CENTERViolence rally from racists in the US

A racist violence rally in the United States has killed a person, while a police helicopter crashed and left 2 dead. State of emergency was declared in the region.