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    March came in like a lion but not goes out like a lamb

    While it was expecting for eastern and southeastern regions of Turkiye to be warmer with the arrival of the spring season after winter months, heavy snow and rainfall have it said that “March came in like a lion but not goes out like a lamb”.

        2017-03-18 14:35

    "February 14 is not day for lovers"

    Muş Provincial Muftis Aladdin Bozkurt said that February 14 is a Western culture and celebrated as the day of “valentines”, saying that Muslims should stay away from such celebrations.

        2017-02-14 09:31

    Çengilli village being evacuated by Government

    Ministry of Interior instructed for Çengilli village’s evacuation. After a lawsuit filed for historic church’s restoration, evacuation of the village has been ordered by Ministry of Interior. Residents of the village convey their reaction against the Ministry’s verdict.

        2016-06-16 10:14

    People of Mus welcome the passengers from west with roses

    While some of the busses come from the east were attacked, people of Muş welcome passengers come from the west with roses.

        2015-09-13 14:19

    People of Cengilli village commemorates their Mullah Arif and Yusuf

    People of Cengilli (Der) village in Mus province organized a commemoration program for Mullah Arif Keser and Yusuf Yaslak who were killed PKK and the state security forces.

      2015-09-11 11:51


BITLISRoad accidents in Bitlis: 3 dead, 8 injured

3 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, resulting in the collision of two cars in Bitlis, 8 people were injured.

BATMAN“May this night be instrumental for the interest of oppressed Muslims”

Political party, NGO, institution representatives and citizens in Batman gave a message about al-Qadr Night which is beneficial than a thousand months were willing to end the bloodshed of Muslims and made wish for tonight to be spent with worship and prayer.

NEWS CENTERLaylat al-Qadr message from Yapıcıoğlu

HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu wishes that al-Qadr Night be instrumental in bringing the Islamic ummah tightly to the Qur'an.

NEWS CENTER7 thousand 300 people killed in traffic accidents in 2016

As a result of traffic accidents in Turkiye in 2016, 7 thousand 300 people were killed and 303 thousand 812 people were injured.

DIYARBAKIRPeople in Diyarbakır shared their feelings about Al-Qadr Night

People in Diyarbakır gave a message about al-Qadr Night, which is better than a thousand month, stated that the bloodshed of the Muslims should ended and wished for union, togetherness, peace and tranquility.

GAZIANTEP“Let's pray to the Islamic Ummah at al-Qadr Night”

People of Gaziantep expressed their feelings about al-Qadr Night, which Quran has brought on the earth on that night, wish that this night will be the occasion for the blood and the tears that are shed in the Islamic geography to come to an end.

SIRNAK“Şırnak and Hakkari are our historic and ancient cities”

Speaking on the iftar program organized by the party in Şırnak, HUDA PAR Vice Chairman Bahattin Temel, said that Hakkari and Şırnak are historic and ancient cities.

MARDINPKK murdered 30 peasants in Pınarcık this day 30 years ago

30 years have passed since the PKK massacre, in which 16 children, 6 women, totally 30 people were murdered in the village of Pınarcık in the town of Ömerli, Mardin.

DIYARBAKIRPolice vehicle collided with car: 5 dead 5 injured

In Diyarbakır, five civilians lost their lives and 5 police officers were wounded as a result of a police vehicle hit a car.

NEWS CENTER“Al-Qadr night raise the value of all mankind”

The President of Diyanet, Görmez, said that the al-Qadr night is a night that raise the value of the whole humanity, and wished this night to cause good deeds.