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    March came in like a lion but not goes out like a lamb

    While it was expecting for eastern and southeastern regions of Turkiye to be warmer with the arrival of the spring season after winter months, heavy snow and rainfall have it said that “March came in like a lion but not goes out like a lamb”.

        2017-03-18 14:35

    "February 14 is not day for lovers"

    Muş Provincial Muftis Aladdin Bozkurt said that February 14 is a Western culture and celebrated as the day of “valentines”, saying that Muslims should stay away from such celebrations.

        2017-02-14 09:31

    Çengilli village being evacuated by Government

    Ministry of Interior instructed for Çengilli village’s evacuation. After a lawsuit filed for historic church’s restoration, evacuation of the village has been ordered by Ministry of Interior. Residents of the village convey their reaction against the Ministry’s verdict.

        2016-06-16 10:14

    People of Mus welcome the passengers from west with roses

    While some of the busses come from the east were attacked, people of Muş welcome passengers come from the west with roses.

        2015-09-13 14:19

    People of Cengilli village commemorates their Mullah Arif and Yusuf

    People of Cengilli (Der) village in Mus province organized a commemoration program for Mullah Arif Keser and Yusuf Yaslak who were killed PKK and the state security forces.

      2015-09-11 11:51


GAZIANTEPWoman from Germany became Muslim

A German citizen woman who applied to the Gaziantep Provincial Mufti, became a Muslim by saying Islamic confession of faith [Shahada].

ANKARAYasin Börü’s case adjourns

The 14th trial related to the murder of Yasin Börü and his friends has been adjourned to 3rd of April.

ERBIL“European countries and the US should be tried for the Halabja Massacre”

Mahmut Kılınç, member of General Administrative Board of HUDA PAR, participated in the commemorative event of Halabja Massacre organized in the Iraqi Kurdistan for the 29th anniversary, said that European countries and the United States should be tried for the massacre in Halabja.

ERBILHUDA PAR visits Iraqi Kurdistan

Due to the 29th anniversary of the massacre of Halabja, a crowded delegation from the HUDA PAR youth branches has visited Iraqi Kurdistan to pay a series of visit.

NEWS CENTERTurkish Airlines: Istanbul is in the US’ ban list

Trump management forbade passengers to take large electronic devices from their mobile phones in flight from the eight countries to the USA. Turkish Airlines [THY] has confirmed that Turkiye is also among the banned countries.

NEWS CENTERAnother new ban from the US

US prohibited some portable electronic devices of passengers from the airports in the Middle East and North Africa countries from having with them.

BAGHDADBombed attack in Baghdad: 23 dead 45 injured

Bombing attack on Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, killed 23 people and wounded 45 people.

NEWS CENTERPassenger plane crashes in southern Sudan

In southern Sudan the passenger plane crashed near the airport.

NEWS CENTER“‘Mistakenly’ lie will not cover the fact that the US slaughtering Muslims”

HUDA PAR in the statement they made reacted to the mosque massacre carried out by the US aircrafts in Aleppo, said that the US has always lied as “mistakenly”, repeated once again, which will not cover the fact that they are slaughtering Muslims who were prostrating [sajdah] during prayer perform.

ISTANBUL“They spew hatred they have accumulated for years on Muslims”

Speaking at the general assembly of Knowledge Dissemination Foundation [Ilım Yayma Vakfı], President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pointed out recent developments in Europe and said, "They are spewing hatred they have accumulated for years on Muslims."