“Governor Avni Mutlu was the instigator of the assault against me”

“Governor Avni Mutlu was the instigator of the assault against me”

Added date : 2016-08-13 19:21

BINGOL - Indicated that he was brought to the edge of bankruptcy by the collaboration of Diyarbakır Governor of that time Avni Mutlu and FETÖ/PDY (Fethullah Terror Organization), the businessman from Bingöl province claimed that then he was also assaulted with gun.

“Governor Avni Mutlu was the instigator of the assault against me”

As new information emerges after intensive operations conducted against FETÖ/PYD in the wake of July 15, coup attempt, the stories told by the victims of this structure reveal the level of the persecution experienced by people.

Resorting every kind of bullying to intimidate and subjugate businessmen who refuse to pay ‘himmet’ (financial aid), FETÖ/PYD never hesitated to attack some that they couldn’t bring to heel. A building contractor in Diyarbakır, Baram Girişen was assaulted by FETÖ/PYD and had to leave the city. Bayram Girişen’s testimony displays the dirty connection of this structure with state officials even at the position of ‘Governor’.

“They met with Governor Mutlu, then attacked me”

Speaking to ILKHA about the plots set against him by governor and parallel structure, Girişen said that he was assaulted by someone who he saw him meeting with Governor Avni Mutlu tete a tete.

Saying that he suffered from FETÖ’s suppression particularly during 2005-2010, Girişen said this filthy structure demanded different requests from him in exchange for tenders he won and he added that he was persecuted when he didn’t meet their demands.

FETÖ/PDY coincided with governor and disposed my business”

Indicating that his bid to build 879 houses for those who lost their houses in 1975 earthquake was disposed by governor of that time Avni Mutlu and parallel state members, Girişen said:

“I met with former interior minister Abdulkadir Aksu by reason of being from Diyarbakır, to assign building lot 56 for constructing houses for quake victims. I told him about the situation of those quake victims that we have to redress their grievances, by this means we (Turkey) could also rid of paying compensation to these people. Then he called the minister of that time Zeki Ergezen, minister of public works, and Mustafa Taymaz, the director of natural disaster, turn a hand to this issue. Then, these building lots were assigned for housing and I returned to Diyarbakır. After that, one day some guys came to my office and said to me that ‘first, you are going to construct a dormitory in Kayapınar district for us then we will allow you to do your last business you got from Ankara otherwise we won’t.’ these guys were from parallel state whom l knew before. I said to them that I couldn’t help them that I had to finish my own business at first. They warned me, saying ‘consider twice, you will pay a heavy price.’

“Within governor’s knowledge, they abrogated the villagers’ procuration by threatening”

Indicating that FETÖ/PYD took action to ruin his business since he didn’t accept their demands, Girişen expressed that: “I collected the quake victim villagers’ procuration for 879 housing. Then, members of parallel state within the knowledge of Governor Avni Mutlu’s knowledge, rounded up all mukhtars of the villages. They made a meeting with provincial directorate of public works named K.Ş. members of parallel state, threatened the villagers within the knowledge of the governor to withdraw their procuration. So, some of the villagers withdrew their procuration and some others entrusted their procuration to some men determined by governor.

“They disposed all my business since I didn’t do what they wanted from me” 

Saying that all his business was disposed by FETÖ/PDY since he didn’t do what he was wanted, Girişen said: “they were the chiefs of the parallel state, who did these things to me and Governor Avni Mutlu was leading them. I wanted to meet with governor over this issue but they didn’t let me to meet with him.”

Claiming that all his business computers were stolen from his office, Girişen indicated that all his complaints made to police department remained futile. Moreover his office was robbed for twice.  

“I was shot before FETÖ-linked police officers”

“In order to submit my grievances to governor, I went to governor office one day” said Girişen, adding that: “at first they didn’t let me get in governor’s office but I got into his room without taking permission where I saw he was talking with notorious FETÖ member  M. S who disposed  my business from me forcibly. Governor Mutlu yelled at me and ordered his guards to chuck me out. After I left the governorship, I was assaulted by Bismil district governor’s chauffer and gendarmerie station commander. M. S fired 17 bullets on me. This incident occurred just in front of the police station. The police officers saw everything but they didn’t cut in. All of them were FETÖ-linked police officers. I gave my statement over this incident at least 50 times but no any judicial action was taken. I was tried to be abducted many times. Every kind of troubles befell me.”

Indicating that despite all his complaints nothing was done to enlighten the incidents, Girişen said “I submitted a complaint petition to chief public prosecutor asking the security cams to be watched that the man shot me was lobbying with governor. Thus, the power behind the incidents would reveal.

“Yet, prosecutor didn’t put my petition in process”

Claiming that the prosecutor said to him that this incident is something out of his depth and didn’t put his complaint petition in process, Girişen said that he resubmitted his petition to night court and a lawsuit was filed against defendants.

Girişen added that though 22 hearings have been held at Diyarbakır 3rd High Criminal Court so far no one has been arrested yet. (ILKHA)

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