Our childhood passed fatherless and on jails’ roads

Our childhood passed fatherless and on jails’ roads

Added date : 2016-08-31 12:49

DIYARBAKIR - Children of Islamic identity prisoners who jailed by judges of FETO/PDY, remarked that their childhood have passed far away from their fathers, on the roads of jails. Children are asking for a new rehearing way to be opened.

Our childhood passed fatherless and on jails’ roads

Children of those prisoners who have incurred the oppression of FETO/PDY and jailed by the same structure’s police officers because of their Islamic identity, made a call to authorities for a new rehearing way to be opened for their fathers they miss so much.

Children of prisoners stated that their childhood have passed away from their fathers, and explained to ILKHA that the judges and prosecutors who sentenced their fathers are now taking into custody and arrested one by one within the investigation of FETO.

Ayetullah Uluisik sentenced to 12 years 6 months on 2011 by Diyarbakir High Criminal Court, his daughter Hayrunnisa Uluisik reminded that she was 7 years old when her father was taken into custody and requests a fair trial.

Our whole childhood has passed fatherless and on the roads of jails

Uluisik, “I want justice for my father and for his friends. Our whole childhood has passed without father and on the roads of jails. My father, even he is innocent, has stayed in jails for years. According to the new law, there are rights for thieves, swindlers to be released but there is no any legislation for those who was teaching Quran, who was going to mosque, I ask an end to this injustice. ” she said.

I want to spend greater eid with my father like other children

Uluisik remarked that she wants to spend greater eid with his father and brothers peacefully and happily like other children, “I call to President from here. It is cleared that my father and his friends who victimized by FETO are innocent after the 15 July coup attempt. Yet there is no intervention for this issue. I was 7 years old when my father arrested and it has been 5 years he is in jail in a injustice way.” she said.

I grew up in front of jail

Rumeysa Fidanci stated that it has been 17 years left behind without her father Mehmet Fidanci and said: “It has been 17 years my father is in jail. My childhood passed on the roads of jails. I grew up in front of the jail. I was a little sister and I don’t want she suffer the same. My father is victimized by FETO. Who tortured my father and causer are now in jail too. We want justice and I call to President from here, justice for us too, eid for us too.”

Partner, fathers and families of prisoners which victimized by FETO pointed to the tricks of FETO and requested a new rehearing way to be opened, not an amnesty.

Songul Kilavuz remarked that her husband Ekrem Kilavuz is in jail for 16 years and pointed that the judges and prosecutors who sentenced her husband are now in jail too.

A new rehearing way needs to open

Kilavuz said that she can’t accept the penalty given to her husband and continued, “Because those judges and prosecutors who sentenced my husband are under custody. Because of this I ask a new rehearing for my husband. We don’t request amnesty from anyone, we just ask for a new fair trial. My husband has put in jail since 2001. He stayed under custody for a month and exposed to different tortures through this process. Also we have been exposed to very big cruelty, and our victimization still continuing in this sense. We have banished. My husband was in Bayburt, Black sea region for 4-5 years.” she said.

Kilavuz made a call to President requested for their victimization to be finished that parallel structure caused.

They punished us with them

Ayşe Baran remarked that her brother Ihsan Baran is in jail for 23 years in injustice way just because of teaching Quran, stated that they haven’t heard from her brother for months and continued her speech:

“We haven’t heard from him for 3 months; is he alive or death we didn’t know. We learned from a mother who came to visit her son in jail that my brother is in jail too. Our children were very little that time; he transferred to many cities after Diyarbakir, Bingol, and Elazig. They punished us with them.” she stated.

My mother got cancer because of the longing for her son and passed away

Baran added to her speech that they suffered a lot moral and material and continued, “We have been waited in front of jails’ doors for years, we have been insulted. Thanks to Allah our head is high and clear. We feel honored with them because they are on the path of Allah. Also my mother got cancer because of the longing to her son and passed away. We made calls to the former President Abdullah Gul and former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan just before she died.  ‘Let me see my son before I die’ my mother said and passed away with the longing of her son.” she said.

Baran lastly, “We don’t want amnesty right now; we don’t want amnesty they gave to thieves. We want a deserved fair justice and restoration of honor. Their files need to be review and they need a retrial. My father and mother passed away with that longing, at least let us see our brother before we die.” expressions she used.

Fahri Arcagök pointed that his son Mehmet Arcagök is in jail for 19 years and continued his speech: “My son jailed just because he was teaching Quran in the mosque. I don’t want amnesty, I ask for a new fair rehearing. Kurdish Muslims have suffered a lot because of FETO in 90’s. They tormented Muslims a lot. Like now, FETO didn’t accept any other Islamic organization except their selves in those times. Those are sentenced my son are now under custody. Allah took our right from them. I request a new retrial for my son from President.”

Tuba Kurt remarked that it was parallel structure’s judges and prosecutors who arrested her husband Sıddık Kurt, ask for review for files and retrial.

Perihan Özcan stated that her son Mehmet Özcan is in jail for 20 years accused unjustly; said that her husband has passed away when her son was in jail and emphasized that she wants only justice.  (ILKHA)

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