Bangladesh and Mir Kasim Ali who got death penalty

Bangladesh and Mir Kasim Ali who got death penalty

Added date : 2016-09-02 17:18

ISTANBUL - Bangladesh origin Muhammed Abid Ali, had assessment on the social and political side of Bangladesh and Leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Mir Kasim Ali whose execution approved by the Hasina’s government, pointed on the arbitrary treatments of the secular regime.

Bangladesh and Mir Kasim Ali who got death penalty

International Criminal Court which founded in 2009 in Bangladesh, with the excuses of committed crimes during Pakistan civil war, executes leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami with baseless allegations; the party is the biggest defender of Islamic values in Bangladesh.

Leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Abdulkadir Mulla, Muhammed Kamaruzzaman, Ali Ihsan Mucahid and lastly Motiur Rahman have been executed on 10 May 2016. Gulam Azzam former leader of Jamaat-e-Islami before Motiur Rahman has lost in live in the regime’s jail. Lastly Mir Kasim Ali an important financier of the party has been sentenced to death on 2 November 2014.

The court denied the application to review the decision of execution of Mir Kasim Ali leader of Jamaat-e-Islami who is accused of some events during the civil war that divided Pakistan in 1971. Not avid of executions, the Prosecution which depended to Hasina’s government said the execution could be applied in any moment.

Mir Kasim Ali was known as a great businessman in Bangladesh

Muhammed Abid Ali who is studying in a foundation university in Istanbul on post graduate has spoken about Mir Kasim Ali whose execution penalty has confirmed: “He was known as a great businessman in Bangladesh. He was founder of many businesses, managing for many businesses. He hasn’t been active in political role in the history of Bangladesh. But we can say he is one of the Muslim patriot politicians as ideological. Started with Abdulkadir Mullah, and then Muhammed Kamaruzzaman, Ali Ihsan Mucahid, Motiur Rahman Nizami and now probably Mir Kasim Ali is going to be execute, which all are planned and a result of hate and grudge.”

They wanted Pakistan’s integrity

Ali remarked that those people are punished which they were aware of the game during the divide of West Pakistan parted from East Pakistan in the 1971 bloody war, “These people had a clear stance. And that clear stance was this: ‘We want to solve the problem of country with peace, not with war.’ Rahman Nizami or Mir Kasim Ali, all these people wanted the integrity of Pakistan with a political stance. This political stance can’t be a reason for the crime. There should be evidences for the crime after the political stance. The current court already couldn’t show enough evidence and has been criticized by some judicial institutions in the international arena. The Bangladesh Government couldn’t suppress on opposition within the territorial politics peacefully, now they apply pressure. People are slaughtering as a result of these politics.” he said.

Successful people are killed one by one

Ali said that Mir Kasim Ali has great served to Bangladesh people in many areas, “As a Bangladeshi I call to public, bureaucracy, educators, police officers and soldiers: Our country has big problems. Bangladesh is third world country and particularly economical and social problems, facing with many problems. By killing those people while their stances are clear in the history of Bangladesh, this current government performing of whose projects and purposes? Mir Kasim Ali, in the bank area, in field of health and hospitals, and in education fields he produced great projects as a successful businessman. He was an analysis and practical man. By the execution’ decision of this man who has served a lot to his people, it is a start of a big plot and the purpose of this plot is to collapse of Bangladesh and its people. ” he said.

Bangladeshis are against the current government

Ali said that with the execution decision, people poured into streets, “State, regime enforcements firing on people unmercifully. Since 2009, there are unbelievable press politics on the patriot Muslims youth. Police officers walk quarters to quarters, villages to villages arrest young Muslims and put them in jail. Today jails of Bangladesh are full of patriot young people. Bangladeshis are against the current government. But those who hold power try to suppress people with all its power they have.” expressions he used.

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