Selahaddin Uruk’s daughter Sumeyye spoke about her father

Selahaddin Uruk’s daughter Sumeyye spoke about her father

Added date : 2016-09-07 15:09

MARDIN - Sumeyye Uruk, daughter of Selahaddin Uruk had a statement after visiting her father’s grave due to his martyrdom anniversary, in the raided night; the police came to the house with the intent to kill where women and children were in.

Selahaddin Uruk’s daughter Sumeyye spoke about her father

Selahaddin Uruk, who was a prominent member of Hizbullah Community and slaughtered in 2001 during a raid in Pozanti district of Adana, his daughter Sumeyye Uruk visited her father’s grave in Mazidagi district of Mardin due to his martyrdom anniversary.

After visiting her father’s grave, Sumeyye Uruk had a talk with Ilke News Agency (Ilkha), said that she was 13 during the event and remembers everything. She said that her father announced the Islamic dawah to the whole world with the cost of his life, remarked that especially youth people have to claim for his father’s heritage.

We woke up with gunshots in a midnight

Uruk stated that she remembers very well the night that her father martyred, said those expressions about the event’s night:

“I was 13 years old on 5 September 2001, I remember everything how it happened. In the place where we were staying, there wasn’t any ammunition for my father or for guests who were in the house to defend them or to cause any issue. We opened our eyes with gunshots in midnight. That means my father was still in the house, didn’t get out, he even didn’t come to downstairs. After gunshots, they threw gas bombs to the garden. They already came with the killing intent.  This is the main evidence, because they started firing while we were sleeping and there was no one outside. My father went on the balcony of the house. We haven’t seen anything than the walk of my father to the balcony. Later, we learned that he has martyred. Then they took us to the police vehicles. They came for killing my father in the house where women and children were in.”

They sacrificed the beauties of the world for Islamic Dawah

Uruk remarked that those who martyred have raised Islamic dawah, “They sacrificed the beauties of the world for Islamic dawah. They brought this dawah to these days by making sacrifice from their wealth, their positions, their salaries those Allah gave to them as wealthy. So today Islamic dawah is the most we have talk about and the point to be emphasized. Well, what we are doing for this dawah? We have to consider on things we have to do, we can do, our sacrifices and things we have done. To be like them, we have to struggle for the best of our ability to raise this level.” she said.

Uruk, “Many things have changed from that day to this day but this dawah have never changed in the period of 15 years. The Islamic dawah is also expecting the same sacrifices, same study from us like those martyred did.” she indicated.

A Muslim woman needs to improve herself on Islamic knowledge and culture

Uruk pointed that her father was very sensitive about the improving of women and young girls for Islam, and said he also raised his children in this way. Uruk continued her speech:

“My father really was sensitive, especially in the improving of young girls, their education be in field in the Islamic area, to have all kind of skills and abilities and use those abilities for Islamic dawah. He was persuading us too. One day he told me ‘My daughter, the books I have read maybe will fill a truck but things I got from Quran, I didn’t get from anything. You only can persuade people with Quran. Take this book and tell among people. Feed from the source and warn people.’ He was saying that the first teacher of a child is the mother and there need to be mothers for the dawah.”

Our Allah had overthrown persecutors with His power

“After rainy days, Allah has showed us those days.” Said Uruk and continued, “Allah really had overthrown those persecutors with His power. We have faith in the power of Allah with heart. We believe that the owner of this dawah is Allah. How those martyred honored with this dawah, my wish from Allah to honor us with the serve on this dawah and make us die for this dawah.” she said. (ILKHA)

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