Demolishing and removal debris works continue in Nusaybin

Demolishing and removal debris works continue in Nusaybin

Added date : 2016-09-08 14:14

MARDIN - After the conflict in 6 quarters in Nusaybin, demolishing and removal debris works of heavy damaged houses continue.

Demolishing and removal debris works continue in Nusaybin

The curfew that announced in 14 March in 6 quarters of Nusaybin, district of Mardin, still continues. The life in Yeni Turan, Yesil Kent, Mor Yakup, 8 March, Girnavas, Devrim, Selahaddin Eyyubi, Catalgöz, Ipek Yolu and Baris quarters are normalizing partially, which the curfew had been removed partial in those quarters.

Heavy equipments are destroying damaged houses and trucks are removing debris. It is seen in the district that thousands of houses are destroyed.

Damage assessment

Applications are continuing to the Damage and Loss Commission which founded by the Nusaybin district governorate. According to the sources of district governorate, 35 thousand people have applied to the Damage and Loss Commission so far.

Search-monitoring activities

Search-monitoring activities is still continuing started by police officers in Kisla quarter where the curfew still continuing. Hand-made bombs which found by expert team are being disposed. Big blasts are being heard from the district from time to time.

Asphalting works continue

By the way asphalting the roads through the city center of district continues by general directorate of highways.   

Hope Allah will take our rights

Abdullah Candan said that he owned a house before te conflict, but after the conflict he became a renter, “I had 3-4 flats. All were destroyed. Now we rented a house, we are very victim. There is nothing we can do. We lost both houses and job. We ended up living in a rented house while we owned houses. We became stranger in our own land.”

The curfew has removed partially from Yeni Turan, Yesil Kent, Mor Yakup, 8 Mart, Girnavas, Devrim, Selahaddin Eyyubi, Catalozu, Ipekyolu and Baris quarters on 25 June. The curfew still continuing in Abdulkadir Pasa, Firat, Dicle, Yenisehir, Zeynel Abidin and Kisla quarters. (ILKHA)

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