Crime against humanity is being committed in Halep

Crime against humanity is being committed in Halep

Added date : 2016-10-03 09:38

BINGOL - Bingol-Bingol Islamic Brotherhood and Solidarity platform held a press announcement to condemn the attacks against civilians in Aleppo.

Crime against humanity is being committed in Halep

The gathering was located in front of the clock tower in central Bingol, with the participation of members and volunteers of associate platforms as well as the members of Islamic brotherhood and solidarity platform. The attacks on Aleppo  were condemned with a single voice.

Prior to the press announcement, prayers were conducted for those that had lost their lives in the attacks on Aleppo. The prayers were lead by mansur Katiksiz, a theologian.

After the prayers, Yusuf Bogatekin made the announcement in the name of the platform, highlighting the crime against humanity is being committed by stating that the deaths within a week had exceeded 1000.

Yusuf Bogatekin began his speech by reciting a verse from the Quran,"tell the disbelievers they will surely experience defeat, and will congregate to fill hell.That is such a bad bed!".

Humanitarian crime is being committed in Halep

After mentioning that innocent children and babies are being killed in the Aleppo bombings, Yusuf bogatekin continued by stating that Assadd and Russia are even bombing aid convoys, while the silence of the world accompanied by a lack of restrictions by USA to such actions is escalating the bombing tradegy. Hospitals are being bombed in order to murder health personnel, reducing the availability of medical treatment to patients in Halep.

Bogatekin," imperialist forces supporting the regime hold a great appetite for Muslim blood and are performing power shows over the dead bodies of Muslims. Enemies of Muslim countries such as two faced Europe, great Satan America and barbaric Russia, unite when the Muslims are awakening and attaining power. This is unity is formed with the intention to introduce chaos and confusion within the Muslim borders, performing the politics they have been following for centuries."

"Russian presence in Syria with full forces is undoubtedly influenced by USA and Europe so called to be against terrorism",said Bogatekin, and continued his speech as follows ;"within the past 6 years many insincere showpiece conferences , passive condemnings, a valueless staging in Geneva ,peace period,aswell as many more nonsense have done no use but to gain the Esed regime time,demotivate the heroic resistance in Syria,cover up the massacre by Russia and Baas in order to rename the Syrian revolution as" war on terror",justify the actual murderer's of the Syrians and finally serves the purpose of introducing western solutions to the Muslim people of Syria".

"within the past 6 years hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered and are continuing to be murdered"

USA and Russia are not prioritising democracy, everyone should be acknowledged about this,stated bogatekin. Bogatekin added, "we are witnessing that the world's super disbelievers aswell as their alliances within the region are exposing the Syrians to bombings, murdering hundreds of thousands of people within the past 6 years. In respect to this massacre, the UN has embraced these murderer's, aswell as maintaining a silent character to the massacre, which has become present to the world.Muslims should also be acknowledged that terms like democracy and human rights operate in reverse when it comes to Muslim countries, transforming to invasion and persecution, tools for colonialism".

"Today is the day to raise our voice and embrace our brothers"

With the reminder that silence should not be adopted against massacre,bogatekin informed that "the world has been taught a lesson by the people of Syria, by revealing the true face of all evil forces supporting Esed".Bogatekin proceeded his speech as follows;"our Syrian brothers have revealed this by paying a heavy duty of their lives.We would like to make a reminder to all Muslims; even though everything is very clear, if we hide behind political benefits and remain silent to the oppression, then the fire burning Syria today may soon start burning the whole of the Islamic world and this situation of yours will also be approached with silence.

Yusuf bogatekin also included the following sentences in his speech:

"And today from here we scream to the world  saying, o Russia, o America, o two faced Europe and o cooperative states in the region!your democracy and human rights terms are a huge lie. Your the ones which have wrote the history of governing in a barbaric, oppressive manner. Hopefully the blood you shed in Syria will witness history with the belief of your defeat".

"What happened in Syria is very painful for the Muslim nations"

Bogatekin reminded that they will be supporting the Syrian people, "we are aware of the pain induced within the  Muslim nations due to such difficult occurrences, and screaming from here we intend to demonstrate our witness. Maybe we are not receiving bombs over our heads, however the sense of brotherhood from the deepest end of our hearts equips us with the responsibility of making announcements. I would once again like to inform the world that we will be standing by our Syrian brothers, and against persecutors at all times. I wish God will grant the entire Islamic world unity,justice and freedom,aswell as maintaining a clear voice against the evil. (ILKHA) 

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“We will never be silent against persecution”

“We will never be silent against persecution”

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“We won’t relief from this pain as long as we live”

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