I lived emigration for years due to calipers

I lived emigration for years due to calipers

Added date : 2016-10-10 15:51

ELAZIG - Miyaser Ölmez, member of Elazığ Ihya-Der and the most victimized one of FETO/PDY, said that she lived emigration for years far away from her family due to slanders.

I lived emigration for years due to calipers

Members and directors of Elaziğ Ihya-Der convicted by calipers of FETO/PDY and sentenced for 150 years in prison in 2009 which include disabled people, women and elders. Victimization which didn’t want to be seen in that period, has revealed and reflected to public after the July 15 coup process.

Ihya Education Culture Help and Solidarity Association (Ihya-Der) which won favor in public’s eye, Miyaser Ölmez member of Ihya-Der has told ILKHA what emigrations she has lived due to calipers.

Ölmez said that she had to leave the land she was living on because of the calipers of FETO and being upset for years for staying away from her children.

Ölmez stated that she was unjustly punished because of arranging charity bazaar for Palestine, arranging Holy Birth activity, cemetery visit and reading Yasin al-Sherif (Surah in Quran).

 “I was in my daughter’s house in 2009. My son had phoned me in a morning and said that some of books were taken by police raid. Then I went to my home, a month has passed. Then police carried out a raid at 09.00 o’clock in the morning. They took me to police department. 3 police took me in cross-examine. They asked me ‘you are carrying something illegal, you opened bazaar on whose behalf’. And I told them everything we do is legal and are with the permission of Governorship. Also I told them that we do same what other CSOs doing. They told me that we read Yasin, we opened bazaar, went for picnic and had cemetery visit. They took me to the court. Of course the bogus file was in their hand, everything had been written them themselves. The court asked me ‘Mrs. Miyaser, shall we put you in prison or release you?’ Then they released me and asked me to sign in a near police station and not get out of Elaziğ. After two years they arrested me. ”

Ölmez uttered that she has attended collectively to the court once, “Then I attended as single and they made great affronted to me. They said derogatory words to me. They said ‘you are a woman, what are you doing in picnic, you have nothing to do with picnics, you had to sit at home and look after your children.’ I told them that I looked after my children also struggled for Allah.”

Not only saying, should live this, only who experienced this will understand

After the marriage ceremony of her son she said that she had to leave her home, those expressions she used about the victimizations she experienced:

“We had my son’s marriage ceremony, after a week I went on emigration. As a woman what could I do, they have stolen 5 years from my life. It’s not me who lose, it’s them loosed. Children and we have victimized. The youngest child among 3 of my children has gone to another city, then others got married then we returned after the gates have opened. I passed very difficult as a woman. Marriage of the son happen, their children born, something nice something sad happen but you are not there. It must be the hardest for a mother. I couldn’t attend to my children’s marriage ceremony, I left everything to others. Not only saying, should be experienced, only who experienced can understand me. One of my daughter hasn’t got a baby for 5 years. She gave birth a baby after I left. To cuddle the baby, see the baby, and be beside of the baby is a good feeling. I couldn’t felt that feeling. Because of they don’t have a father, instead of staying next to my children I stayed away. Thanks to my older sisters, brothers-in-law, grooms and my brothers looked after my children.”

I have never begged forgiveness from persecutor

Ölmez said those lastly, “I only begged forgiveness from my Allah. Allah forgave us. I said that if a door open for me then I will go to home. In a night a got a news and visited all of my family. May Allah will show us in the other side those we couldn’t see. Allah may give us out price in the other side.” (ILKHA)

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