Victimizations caused by FETO-PKK coalition waiting to be resolved - 1

Victimizations caused by FETO-PKK coalition waiting to be resolved - 1

Added date : 2016-11-03 12:44

MERSIN - Attacks of PKK/HDP members experienced in many cities on October 6-8 also a similar vandalism took place in Tarsus. Despite of 2 years have passed since the events, the victimizations of those affected negatively haven’t resolved yet.

Victimizations caused by FETO-PKK coalition waiting to be resolved - 1

Balance sheet of October 6-8 events became heavy materially and spiritually. Attacks carried out by PKK/HDP took lives and losses of properties. Those attacks which caused social trauma and great victimizations.

Voice records and imagines those revealed later, reflected to the press heaps of times that the attacks more coordinated and pointed to the coalition of FETO-PKK.

Two years has passed since October 6-8 events. Many articles have been written about the main purposes, causes and effects of the events, books have been written. Wildness of October 6-8 hasn’t dropped from the agenda for a long time and it take place in the bloody papers of Turkiye and Kurdistan.

Many things have been changed in these two years. Ditch politics and July 15 coup attempt brought many answers with their self.  Truths revealed clearly one by one.

While many segments of the society became aware of the truths, ignore of authorities against those victimizations takes attention of public opinion.

 While it revealed that the actions of PKK and FETO caused victimizations, it takes attention why the relief of those victimizations not being done and still being ignored about those who lost their lives or properties by the hand of PKK and those who jailed by the judicial and police leg of FETO.

Events happened in Tarsus, district of Mersin and victimization mentioned above which haven’t come to the agenda so far have been told to ILKHA by HUDA PAR Tarsus District Chairman Mehmet Ali Kutan.

Mehmet Ali Kutan mentioned to the October 6-8 events said that the file has been emptied by Governorship of Mersin which was included damages of our members and volunteers due to attacks.

As it can be remembered, in the events of October 6-8, the building of Mustazafs Society, 7 shops, 2 houses, 2 cars and 2 motorcycles belongs to HUDA PAR members were looted and burned.

Kutan remarked that despite of the past two years, damages haven’t been seen and resolved and said the following expressions about the attacks which he was also targeted:

 “I got a phone call from Mustazafs Society Tarsus office in the first day of Eid-al Adha. I was told that our volunteers disposed attacks in Tozkoparan neighborhood. With friends from the management of our party, we went to the scene place. Some of our members and volunteers were battered and taken to the hospital. Some people also came from HDP to be mediate but they were giving orders secretly for the attacks. There were 500 people who were attacking by stones and sticks on us which we were 25-30 people. Also my car has been destroyed in the attacks. And I got a stone strike on my face. Then I went to Tarsus State Hospital. Because of not having Plastic Surgery they transferred me to Mersin. In there, they asked me to go to Istanbul in order of the risk of losing my eye. So I came home like that.”

HUDA PAR Karaman Provincial Chairman Hasan Atım has lost his eye in attacks

Kutan noted that former police chief of the district and anti-terror branch of district are now in prison because of investigation on FETO which they have only watched those attacks of PKK/HDP members on their party and on Islamic CSOs that time and didn’t move even a muscle to prevent events.

“HDP members would have a press statement and marching. In case of HDP members are going to attack on Mustazafs Society building, we have sent a group of people to riot police office which 100 meters was far from us. The group told the police about the situation but the polite didn’t take any precaution. In that time the HDP group surrounded Mustazafs Society building. We also were in the building. They attacked by stones and sticks. As soon as the police came, they threw gas bomb into our building. Our brothers had to get out because of gas bomb. HDP groups took that as an opportunity and continued their attacks. HUDA PAR Karaman Provincial Chairman Hasan Atım has lost one of his eye in the attacks. Then the police surrounded the building. They got in with the excuse of saying ‘we will make a search’ and didn’t let our brothers to get out. Then that HDP groups started attacking on shops, cars and houses of our members and volunteers. We believe irresponsibility showed in those attacks was organized by FETO. Because the police chief of the district in that time Yaşar Aksoy and  anti-terror branch of district chief Mehmet Tüfek in that time are not under arrest because of being member of FETO.”

Damages of victims will be resolved said Davutoğlu

Kutan has reminded the words of former PM Ahmet Davutoğlu that he said damages because of October 6-8 events will be resolved and added, “We organized a team to work on the resolve of damages of our members and volunteers. Governorship wanted us to organize a team to gather damages of our members and volunteers and they collected all then took it to the Governorship. Damage determination of Governorship wanted to see damages in their places so the Governorship sent someone in order to determine damages. The person who came was a coward one, because there wasn’t any state. No one had life safety. We accompanied with that person and sent him back in a safety manner.”

 “This is the revenge of Madımak!” said a woman from ‘damage determination committee’ to our members

Kutan stated that people in ‘damage determination committee’ treated ideologically to our members and continued his speak, “Governorship has sent a team from treasury, also polis came. We delivered our documents and files. A woman from ‘damage determination committee’ [we learned later she is attorney of the Governorship] said ‘You have no difference than those’ to our friends. Then one of our friend showed his reaction and said ‘We didn’t give damage to anyone. It is us to exposed damages’, then she stepped back. Later then the same woman said ‘This is the revenge of Madımak’ without seeing victimizations and treated ideologically.”

Inside of files emptied in Governorship

Kutan said that, after victimizations haven’t been resolved, they carried the issue to the court, the staff of ‘damage determination committee’ have been changed so the Governorship has called us again, Kutan continued his expressions:

 “We carried those victimizations to the court. Then we have been called from the Governorship for reconciliation. We went to the Governorship with HUDA PAR Mersin Provincial Chief Salih Demir. A new ‘damage determination committee’ wanted a reconciliation with us. We launched the case in the court so they wanted us to drop our case. Despite of a year past from the event still we said ‘ok let’s make a reconciliation. Our files are here in the Governorship’. We are told that inside of files were emptied. We have learned that there is also no information about our friend who was lost his eye. Then we said ‘Let the court process continue and let make a reconciliation.’ But nothing has happened despite of 6 months has passed. We phoned to Governorship a few days but they answered me that our files haven’t been sent to the Governor level yet. It is a desperate situation that the Governorship still not showing the necessary attention. Damage of our citizens need to eliminated and victimizations need to be resolved.” (ILKHA)

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