Reaction from lawyers of Mavi Marmara case

Reaction from lawyers of Mavi Marmara case

Added date : 2016-12-10 10:21

ISTANBUL - Lawyers reacted to the drop decision of the case against the Israeli soldiers' attack on the Mavi Marmara ship.

Reaction from lawyers of Mavi Marmara case

The 15th trial of the Mavi Marmara case was seen in Istanbul Çaglayan Courthouse. The defendants, who had been cautioned to be arrest, did not attend, while the attorneys represented the defendants. Decision has been made about the case to be dropped of four Israeli soldiers who were on the attack against the Mavi Marmara ship, and the arrest of the defendants was abolished.

The case which was seen in 7th Heavy Penal Court, complainants’ attorneys protested the decision by leaving of the courthouse after victims and families of slaughtered people have been battered by security officers and ordering for Adem Özköse to be forejudged unlawfully from the courtroom.  

The lawyers who left the room during the hearing organized a press release in front of Çağlayan Courthouse.

Yasin Şamlı, who made the statement on behalf of the lawsuit lawyers, said that the defendants were condemned both in public and in law, whatever the decision the court would make.

Şamlı, "We have been following since the Mavi Marmara case opened. So far we have come to a stage, but at the present stage our demands were rejected. Requests for the rest of our complainants to be heard and requests to ask questions to them were rejected. Therefore, we have reached the opinion that a judge in accordance with the criminal court law has not been executed."

Expressing that the massacres in the attack on the Mavi Marmara represented the conscience of humanity, Şanlı concluded his words as follows:

"Whatever the court decides. We believe that even if the courts order for the release of perpetrators and drop the case, they has been prisoned both in law and public conscience. These people who took drugs to Palestinian children and represented the conscience of all humanity had no criminal tool in their hands. They represented the conscience of mankind. We tried to defend their rights as much as possible. As we saw it in the course of the proceedings, the procedural rules were violated. So we left the courtroom."

Gülden Sönmez another trial lawyer, said that the accused were tried not only because of the attack on the Mavi Marmara but also because of the massacred people in Palestine.

"We have already given them their judgment"

Sönmez, "These are the defendants who have been on trial in this case for six years. These defendants not only martyred our brothers in the Mavi Marmara. These defendants are the criminals who give orders and cause many Palestinians, orphans, elders and people in Gaza, to be slaughtering. They were not judged only on the Mavi Marmara case. They were being on trial here for Gaza orphans. Of course we did not have to expect a perfect justice decision from here but Allah offered them an important opportunity. " (ILKHA)

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