"Aleppo is now a place where humankind has died altogether"

"Aleppo is now a place where humankind has died altogether"

Added date : 2016-12-10 12:32

BINGOL - A press release was organized in Bingöl with the slogan "Save Aleppo from starvation and humanity from embarrassment".

A press release was organized with the participation of non-governmental organizations in front of the Center Dörtyol Clock Tower with the slogan "Save Aleppo from starvation and humanity from embarrassment" in Bingöl after Friday prayers yesterday.

After the press release, prayers were performed funeral prayers in absentia for those who lost their lives in Aleppo attacks.

Memur-Sen Bingol President Mücahit Çelik, who read the press statement on behalf of the group, stated that crimes against humanity have been committed in Aleppo and thousands of people have lost their lives due to carried attacks.

"Humanity dies in Aleppo"

Çelik started press release by saying, "Aleppo is our history. Aleppo is our part. Aleppo is our heartbreak. Today Aleppo experiencing same fate of Srebrenica. Humanity is dying in Aleppo. The West is playing three monkeys again. Today, Aleppo is one of the cities where humanity and all human values ​​are massacred. Aleppo, where states that convert terror to conventional weapons, massacring people by isolating them from all over the world. And, unfortunately, humanity is got used with this massacre. Those who live in many countries of the world are watching these massacres behind their walls, ‘as if they were watching a movie.'"

"Aleppo is a place where humankind has died altogether. The truth is this, doesn’t matter who hide behind which subject. Therefore, Aleppo is also the test of mankind at the same time. But humanity is insensitive, humanity is unconcerned ... Silence of Ummah is the most hurts us."

"We had witnessed in Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Iraq to the insensitivity of the majority of the Westerns who took shelter behind the walls." drawing attention to the insensitivity of Islamic countries, Çelik said following expressions:

"But how does the Ummah do not understand that the event that it thinks is remote from himself which it is in the center of events? How it doesn’t feel the fire inside itself? How do they join the silence choir? We are the deceased. We are the oppressed. We are the slaves to be transformed into sand, to be destroyed. Why does the Islamic Ummah ignore the strategy followed step by step and aimed at destroying itself? Why? Or does this foolish system think that this distorted order will not touch itself?"

"Save Aleppo from hunger, humanity from shame"

Çelik, in the press release, said: "The need for compassion is based on the lack of justice. We believe that it is need to produce more radical solutions, and when we have mobilize on the world's consciences. In other words, we have to create a bridge of conscience in Aleppo by moving the Rachels, Malcom Xes, Gandis over the whole world. I hope we will succeed. As a first step of this, we have launched our motto Save Aleppo from starvation and humanity from embarrassment'. Aleppo has turned into a big prison, a hunger camp, a torture camp. Bombs are pouring on one side, hunger on the other. People’s basic need to be resolve immediately” (ILKHA)

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Ramadan message from Mustazafs Association

Ramadan message from Mustazafs Association

2017-05-26 17:54:19

Mustazafs Association Headquarters has issued a message on the occasion of Ramadan which will start tomorrow.

Ramadan starts with the first sahur tonight

Ramadan starts with the first sahur tonight

2017-05-26 17:02:59

Ramadan, Sultan of the eleven-month, will begin with the first sahur tonight. Holy Ramadan will be welcoming first by Ardahan with the entrance of the isha time tonight, and Muğla will be the last province to start fasting.

Ramadan message from Yapıcıoğlu

Ramadan message from Yapıcıoğlu

2017-05-26 16:49:39

HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, issued a message on the occasion of Ramadan wished that the Ramadan to conduce toward welfare and brotherhood for Islamic world, be salvation for humanity.

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