A 14-year-old child earn a living for his 8-membered family

A 14-year-old child earn a living for his 8-membered family

Added date : 2016-12-13 16:50

BATMAN - The drama of the family of Abdullah Mahmud, 8 people who settled in Batman, escaped from the war in Syria is heartbreaking.

A 14-year-old child earn a living for his 8-membered family

The family of Abdullah Mahmud, who had two children dead in their homes destroyed by bombs in the city of Haseki in Syria, lives a heartbreaking life. The 14-year-old child earn a living for the family.

The Syrian family, homeless in their homeland, had settled in Batman for three years. Family father Ataullah Abdullah Mahmud (50) is unable to work because of the disease in ruptured intervertebral disk and feet.

Abdullah Mahmud's wife, Vadha Muhammad Mahmut (36), began working as a logger in a private sector with his children because her husband could not work. Vadha Muhammad had to undergo a herniated disk surgery this time before long after. Mother Vadha Muhammad, who has been treated for her herniated disc for about a year, is currently bedridden. Taha Ataullah, 14-year-old son is trying earn bread for 8-membered family.

The family of Abdullah Mahmud, who does not even have the money to buy wood in the cold winter days, told ILKHA about the life struggles they had settled in Batman after sacrificing their 2 children in the Syrian war.

Residing Şafak Neighborhood on street 3416, Abdullah Mahmud family stated that they received food aid only once from the authorities. In addition, the family is waiting for help from the philanthropists and the authorities, stating that they cannot buy glasses because of their impossibility to their 3 children who have eyesight deteriorate.

"Because we do not have wood, we cannot light the stove"

Vadha Muhammad Mahmud, voicing her husband and herself that they are sick, said, "We are a family of 8 members with a very poor situation, our 3 children have problems with their eyes and they need to wear eyeglasses. We are in a very difficult situation. We are having difficulty paying rent, electricity and water bills. We are always sick and thankful to Allah. My husband is ill and I have been operated on twice so we have been bedridden. So far the authorities have only provided food to us once. We are standing with the help of some philanthropists. The cold winter days have begun. Because we don’t have wood, we can’t light the stove, so our house is very cold.”

"Because we can not afford it, we can not buy glasses"

At the age of 12, Mahmud Ataullah, voicing the need for glasses, said, "I and my two brothers need glasses, we can not get glasses because we don’t have money. We need three glasses: our 14 year old brother works and gets 20 TL per day. I go to school.” (ILKHA)

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