Muslims must get over fragmentation

Muslims must get over fragmentation

Added date : 2015-07-08 11:16

GAZIANTEP - NGO representatives note that real reason of troubles Muslims go through is because of living far from Quran and Sunnah adding that the troubles Islamıc lands have arisen from fragmentation in Islamic world.

Muslims must get over fragmentation

Suggesting the unity between the Islamic countries as a solution of the problems that Islamic World has, representatives and journalists mentioned that, “All Muslims must get over fragmentation at once.”

Journalist and writer Hamza Mercanoglu stated that it isn’t a coincidence that the plight in the Islamic world gets worse in the month of Ramadan, adding that, “The troubles we have hasn’t taken root from the enemy of power but from the disunity between us.”

"The events happen today aren’t occasional"

“The happenings in the Islamıc World consciously and schemingly have place in Ramadan.” mentioned Mercanoglu and said that, “Muslims can understand the issue well if they look at the whole of the picture.”

Mercanoglu said that, “We cannot draw a conclusion if we just have a look at the small pictures. In fact the biggest problem of the Islamic World is this. Unfortunately the crusaders have made a contentious environment for Muslims. The events happen today aren’t occasional. These are all the reflections of the crusades have lasted for more than a thousand year. And it still continues. The war started by Selahaddin Eyyubi over Al-quds hasn’t ended yet. The things we live now are the appearances of that war. This war is a fight between truth and falsehood that will last till the day of judgement.”

“Muslims must get over this fragmentation at once”

Underlining the duty of all Muslims that get over this fragmentation Mercanoglu said that, “The duty falls to all Muslim communities and the people of these lands is; if we don’t act in unity we cannot obviate these persecutions. We may have different ideas and methods but believe that the crusaders, Zionists and imperialists regard us how we are (divided) at the moment. We are separated from each other due to some difference of opinions. Yet, we are all the same in the eye of Western world. Muslims must get over this fragmentation at once.”

Remarking the schemes lain in Islamic world, head of Gaziantep IHH (humanitarian relief foundation) Mehmet Emin Arslan said that, “The only solution can be put in practice is rendering a unity in the Islamic World.”

 “We do not make sufficient efforts to render the unity”

Stating that the enemies of Islam have got accustomed to shed Muslims blood in the month of Ramadan Aslan said that, “As you all know we are in Ramadan this month is month of mercy, benediction and forgiveness. This is a month that the fraternity and solidarity must be at the top of the priorities. But unfortunately enemies of Islam have got accustomed to raid Muslims in this holy month. For more than a quarter century dominant powers implement their wicked plans on Muslims’ sacred values. Our lack of struggles to establish a unity between Muslims is the real reason of that situation while the westerns and Zionists aren’t negligent to maintain their sovereignty over the world.”

"Do we-Muslims-do our duties?"

Saying that unity has always been being talked among Muslims but this has never been maintained in practice, Aslan noted that, “Preserving Islamic values against the ones sided against Muslims is our highest duty.”

Aslan said that, “Yet, how much do we preserve our values? We always talk about unity but we don’t see any action in practical terms. Talking is insufficient at this sense on the contrary this makes enemies stronger. Islamıc lands have turned into a lake of blood. Well, what is the reason of that? Yes, we have a power before us but disregarding this power we have to ask that why we are like that divided into many pieces? What is that fragmentation in our world? Why don’t we show sensitivity to Quran and Sunnah however we live with westerners’ values?” Aslan has made the wish for a unity from God for the sake of this holy month. (ILKHA)

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