"Imperialism wants to surrender Islamic geography with chaos"

"Imperialism wants to surrender Islamic geography with chaos"

Added date : 2016-12-19 16:58

ADANA - Speaking at the seminar organized by the Provincial Directorate in Adana HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman and party spokesman Mehmet Yavuz, made important evaluations on the latest developments in Syria and the agenda.

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yavuz pointed out that the Western Imperialist states wanted to surrender Islamic geography with chaos.

Yavuz pointed out that the discrimination of racism and sectarianism among Muslims is reached to dangerous point and that the conflict and violence among Muslims is unacceptable.

Yavuz expressed his mercy from Allah to those lost their lives in Kayseri, patience to his painful families and added that such kind of attacks should be cursed whatever comes and that there should be discreetness about these kind of attacks.

"Imperialist powers have plans and projects for Islamic geography"

Yavuz made evaluations on the situation in Islamic geography, experiencing cruelty, massacres and wars, warned Muslims against the plans of the imperialist powers lead by America and Europe on Islamic geography.

Yavuz voicing that the imperialist powers have plans and projects for Islamic geography, "The name of this project is 'Creative Chaos'. What does creative chaos mean? Chaos is to disperse instability, anarchy, violence, blood and grudge in a controlled way, through which plays the society’s nerve starting a conflict. This is the common point of these attacks that took place in Kayseri today, in Beşiktaş, Adana, Diyarbakır, Ankara, Şırnak, Bingöl. Imperialism wants to surrender Islamic geography with such a chaos. We have to show very clear stances on behalf of not giving them premiums."

"Violence should never be used as a method of seeking a right"

As HUDA PAR, they repeatedly stated that violence is not a method of seeking a right, Yavuz said and added that everyone would suffer from the environment of chaos and violence that could occur.

"Whatever the problem, violence should never be a method of seeking a right to voice this problem. Because violence is causing violence. It is non-Islamic, non-human, non-moral and non-conscientious to exploit bombs attack with explosives in the living spaces of people with aggressive attitude. We need to get rid of this spiral of violence that we are trying to pull into."

"We reject this violence without hesitation"

Yavuz, also evaluated Syria’s issue, emphasized that lessons should be taken from the environment and tragedy in Syria.

Yavuz stating that the developments experienced with an attitude of reasoning should not be evaluated through manipulation, "Otherwise, those who want to drag us into civil war in a few years; in many different ways they can foster divisions and highlight differences on ethnic, sectarian, ideological or religious grounds and fall into a vicious wars of revenge and a great sedition as they were done in Syria. In this way, we will serve the chaos and instability of imperialism, the violence and the project that has tried to take us captive. For this we are rejecting this violence without hesitation. As HUDA PAR; we are expressing with a high voice that we have refused to be subjected to such violence and intimidation in the Islamic geography, without fear of the condemnation of any condemnatory."

"As Muslims, we must solve our problems among ourselves"

Underlining that Muslims should not refer their problems to the imperialists, Yavuz said, "As Muslims, we must solve our problems among ourselves. We have to come together for this. If Turkiye and Iran were going to correct their wrong policies that they had in the issue of Syria, today we will wouldn’t experiencing those."

"If we do not feel the pain of our Syrian brothers in our hearts, we must doubt our faith"

Some people in Syria on the issue of HUDA PAR, Yavuz indicating that there unfair criticism to HUDA PAR on Syria’s issue, and said:

"We run to Aleppo for assistance to our Syrian brothers who have been reduced to immigration status. If we do not feel the sorrows of our brothers in our hearts, we must doubt our faith. It's a different thing to say this. We will continue to be with our Syrian brothers and sisters both materially and spiritually."

"It is mistake to blame a sect or a nation on the political mistakes made in Syria"

Yavuz said that it would be the greatest mistake to blame sect or a nation on the political mistakes that were made, said that there are efforts to partition the Ummah over the Syrian issue, which is a big danger.

Yavuz said, "Turkiye, Iran and the Islamic world have done wrong because they couldn’t solve this internal problem of their own with their own means. Iran did it wrong, Turkiye did it wrong, Saudi Arabia did it wrong. Wrong policies have been made to cause the US and Russia to come here. What is even more dangerous is to try to escalate tension over these consequences, to engage in discourses and actions that will form the basis of separations and conflict on an ethnic or sectarian basis. It means Adana, Ankara and Diyarbakir are going to be like Aleppo. With the permission of Allah, our people will realize these traps, and it is a virtue and a foresight that will not come to this game."

"As HUDA PAR we support all kinds of peace initiatives"

Despite all the mistakes and faults, Yavuz emphasized that the ones who will solve the Syrian issue are Muslim countries, noted that Islamic countries should speed up their efforts to turn from wrong and find solutions. At this point, Yavuz stated that the government's ceasefire work with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a positive step, "We support all kinds of peace initiatives as HUDA PAR."

"HUDA PAR is the guarantee of peace and salvation of Turkiye"

Yavuz stated that HUDA PAR is the assurance of peace and salvation of Turkiye and that they accepted people as they are regardless of sect, nation, color, and stated that they regard these differences as the verse of Allah, not the cause of conflict.

Yavuz said, "We see this tension that is raised as wrong. We do not consider it appropriate for the Islamic Ummah to alienate each other by using the words of the imperialists that are not belong to us and are directed towards the Ummah. Is there religion, sect, or society of tyrant? What if Assad was Sunnis and not Nusayri? Or the Sisi is Sunni, what will happen? Who will answer this? Sectarian approaches fuel hatred and grudge. This means is the new Aleppos." (ILKHA)

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