Islamic scholars from Bingol 'We will not bless our rights'

Islamic scholars from Bingol 'We will not bless our rights'

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BINGOL - After the death of Kenan Evren the head of 12 September 1980 Coup d’etat, Islamic Scholars from Bingol said that “They won’t bless their rights to Evren because of his persecution they suffered from his cruelty.”

Islamic scholars from Bingol 'We will not bless our rights'

After the death of Kenan Evren the head of 12 September 1980 Coup d’etat, Islamic Scholars from Bingol said that “They won’t bless their rights to Evren because of his persecution they suffered from his cruelty.” 1980 coup which was leaded by Kenan Evren dragged the country to a dark period . And It was religious people and clerics aggrieved the most alongside with other political groups during the coup rulled years in the country.

1982 constitution referendum which was imposed by Kenan Evren was highly rejected by Bingol people.Therefore clerics of Bingol were exiled and tormented over the allegation of misleading people .Victims of the Coup which brought grievences to people , speak over the death of the coup leader Kenan Evren “We won’t bless our rights to him because of what he put us through and we will complain him hereafter ,too.”

What we put through sufferings were all about our faith to Islam

A well known cleric of those time and at present a member of ITTIHAD ( union of islamic scholars) Sahap Korkutata said that “We rejected all constitutions save Islam constitution . Since 82 constitution was harsher than the previous ones we weren’t alone and all of the clerics of Bingol rejected this one.The followers and unions of those clerics took after them and all said no to this constitution. Two ballots were prepared writing YES or NO on the cards and we chose NO that drove Kenan Evren crazy. And started a wave of violence over us but thanks God ,we persisited on our faith even though we were exiled in the middle of the winter.”

“We couldn’t teach Qur’an"

Korkutata remarks that “That day I talked to the Müftü ( head cleric in a city) who objected to the Governor to show mercy on us about not to be forced into exile in the middle of the winter , said to Governor “they have nowhere to flee let them stay till spring.” Nevertheless we were exiled. After our expulsion ,Landowners of the city got angry arguing that they did what they learnt from Qur’an .This urged the Coup authorities point their anger to Qur’an and teaching of Qur’an was prohibitted in the city. No one could teach Qur ‘an in Bingol then.Military Gendarmerie Commander and the other district authorities visited the villages and got  promises under signature that they wouldn’t give any Qur’an lesson from Imams and other religous men.They were trying to punish Qur ‘an seemingly.

We don’t curse like some do

Stating that “I will not bless my rights to Evren” Korkutata remarks that “ Evren’s expulsion of us was both a slam and also a mercy from God .But we won at all. If he had asked forgiveness I might have granted it. I think I have this highness in my heart but as his daughter asserted “my father didn’t do anything wrong” and I didn’t see any sign of repentance so I will never forgive Kenan Evren . God will judge him and we know God will treat him what he deserves,verily He is the best Judge.

“Kenan Evren is one of the cruels left a notoriety in history

Another well known pundit of Bingol, Mehmet Senlik, deputy chairman of ITTIHAD, states that “Every one leaves some marks behind after passes away. However Imams leave good marks, tyrans leave evil marks. Kenan Evren was one of these cruels who left a notoriety behind. We witnessed how he had people murdered, how he encouraged the torturers, how he suspended every kind of human right and funnily by forcing courts to issue death warrants one from conservatives and one from leftists on behalf of so called justice. This was his sense of justice . And he never considered what these young people did ? It was all he understood from justice is to execute at equal number of people from different political sides." (ILKHA)

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