‘Unsolved murders in the region are not just limited with 90s’

‘Unsolved murders in the region are not just limited with 90s’

Added date : 2015-07-08 11:42

VAN - Committed in the 90s and many of them is now it is clear that committed by illegal state structures which structured the state, Lawyer Mehmet Mehdi Oguz did outstanding reviews about unsolved murders.

‘Unsolved murders in the region are not just limited with 90s’

Committed in east and Southeastern Anatolia in the 90s and many of them related to the deep state that illegally structured in state and also by Fethullahist structure which named parallel polices with contemporary expression, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Huseyin Yilmaz submitted a report about unsolved murders to, the Prime Minister of time Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Evaluating Huseyin Yilmaz's report HUDA PAR general administration member Lawyer Mehmet Mehdi Oguz, explained that the victimizations experienced are not just limited with 90s and gave advices to the victim families to search for their rights.

Stating that the report given to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was focusing on dirty benches and victimizations experienced in 90s Mehmet Mehdi Oguz, did important explanations to Ilke news agency (ILKHA).

A small correction about the report...

Reminding a small correcting about the report Lawyer Mehmet Mehdi Oguz, the HUDA PAR’s general administration committee member reminded that at the time of prime ministry of Recep Tayip Erdogan, the report was submitted by Lawyer Huseyin Yilmaz, President of Mustazaf-Der (Association of oppressed people)

"Unsolved murders continued after 2010 in the region"

Telling that they have serious demands also as a party about unsolved murders and similar victimizations on both the 90s period and after, Lawyer Oguz said that they strained to in order to redress the victimizations experienced both while they were NGO and also during the party process but the government didn’t take necessary steps.

“They do not allow us to run MOBESEs (Security cameras)”

Drobing attention to AK Party government not taking serious steps on the dark matters experienced in the region but they just take position on the matters about themselves, Lawyer Oguz said, "And that caused the things experienced not to be limited with that period. If those reports were reviewed carefully, some similar event experienced could be stopped. One of the most obvious example of that occurred is, the Vice President of the Mustazaf-der (Association of oppressed ones) Yuksekova branch being martyred. One can remember that, none of the perpetrators were arrested the event that took places in front of many polices On May 5, 2011. The case process was on media as well, MOBESE (outdoor security cameras) not working on the day, attitude of the police, as a result of the pressure from the society; the authorities saying that there is no permission to work the security cameras so bringing the pieces together we can see that some dark structures are still actively implementing their dirty games.

In going over the issue, Oguz pointed out that a double standard was experienced in finding the perpetrators. While, killed in front of policemen's eyes daytime, Ubeydullah Durna’s perpetrators weren’t found but killed in Hakkari center after the morning prayers with no eyewitnesses, Imam Aziz Tan’s murderers were found within short time after the murder.

Oguz said, "This shows that, there were dark hands on the event of Shaheed Ubeydullah Durna event. Yet the event took place in Karliova town of Bingol; we witness that perpetrators of many events took place during HUDA PAR community went through change from Association process to Party process."

"The dark structures are still in the region and they are still very strong"

Stating that there is insincerity to stop these dark structures and that they are witnessing that the mentality in 90s has still not changed, Lawyer Mehdi Oguz said that the dark structures are still at the region and they show serious presence and particularly  they are activating many dirty plans during this period.

"We are ready to be the voice of victim families"

Stating that they are legally struggling with unsolved murders and similar victimizations Lawyer Oguz said, “As Mustazaf-Der association we have prepared very serious and comprehensive reports. Again HUR-DER revealed serious works on this issue. At this point, our citizens who are victims must apply to NGOs to defend their rights, especially HUR-DER. I'm also already a member of HUR-DER. We will try to be the legal voice of the victim families. "

"HUDA PAR is also supporting victims"

Indicating that they are also supporting the victims politically as HUDA PAR, Lawyer Oguz added that, especially they made a special effort to put these victimizations on the agenda in the political arena.

On the other hand, while the perpetrators of many massacres like Susa, Basbaglar, Sundus Plateau weren’t cought, also perpetrators of some individual unsolved massacres even weren’t brought to agenda. (ILKHA)

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