"What we say today they will say in the future"

"What we say today they will say in the future"

Added date : 2016-12-21 15:49

BATMAN - HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu talked in the 4th anniversary of the establishment of his party and made important statements about the agenda.

With the slogan of "Honest Politics, True Justice", HUDA PAR, which has been on the political scene since December 2012, celebrated the 4th year of the foundation with the program organized in Batman.

The program organized by HUDA PAR Batman Provincial Office, started with the recitation of Qur'an. Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, made a speech in the program with intensive participation, made important statements about the agenda.

Describing the politics they followed from the solution process to the Syrian issue, Yapıcıoğlu expressed that yesterday's truths became clearer after the hard truths that experienced today, and that the bill for not paying attention to the constructive criticism and warnings they made was heavily repaid today.

"We brought a new style to politics"

Yapıcıoğlu, started to speak by reminding them that they were started on December 19, 2012 on the stage of politics, said:

"We keep running from that day to today. The situation was not very good but we went out with the hope and hope that we could change things. When we started, we said honest politics and true justice. One of the first things we said when we started was; our measure, our reference, what we will take into consideration was Islam, and for the first time in Turkiye, a political party, which made it clear, arranged its movements, organized it and took the steps accordingly. We brought a new style to politics. We have shown that the opposition does not have to object everything and swear to the left and right, that the opposition does not have to do this."

We warned those who made the wrong ... Those who did not listen ... They just realized they were about to be erased from the political scene

Yapıcıoğlu underlined that HUDA PAR is a guiding party, guiding to the truth path, to the right way, continued his speech said:

"We acted in accordance with our name, we showed our way. We showed the way to our country, nationality, and politics. But those who did not listen to us on that day found out that we were very rightful in many subjects over time, they then accepted, forced to accept. We warned the wrong ones. If you are going this way, you will either drop a pit or you will knock on the wall we said. They didn’t listen, especially the politicians. They went on, they continue their march. Some of them hit the wall as they were in the solution process, and some of them entered the dead-end streets as in Syrian politics. Some of them are buried in their ditches and committed suicide just as they were in pit politics. Some have just recently realized they are about to be erased from the political scene."

Yapıcıoğlu stated that they are very warned throughout the solution process and that their rightfulness has emerged at the point reached today, "In the solution process, to the ruling party we said repeatedly, 'This is not the way you hold it, it is not a road, it is a dead end, you are going to hit the wall, this process is going to be chocked.’ Now, even talking about the process of resolution is seen as vulgar. For example, in that solution process, some are moved recklessly, because the fronts are opened to the utmost. They filled the country with bombs. They transformed their neighborhood into weapons warehouses. When we saw this, we told them not to this. 'There is no place you will come up with this ditch politics'. Look, we do not say that today. Everyone thinks that ditch, barricade politics was after the elections of June 7, 2015. There is such a perception in the minds. But you know that in the events of October 6-8, they blocked some neighborhoods entrance streets with wall. About three months later, they had declared autonomy there in the two neighborhoods of Cizre, especially in the Nur neighborhood, with potholes and barricades around them. They attacked our brothers there. As you remember that they had thrown tens of thousands of bullets to the houses of our brothers at a distance of a few hundred meters far from the Tank Battalion and Security Directorate, which started at midnight and continued until noon, to a mosque, a Qur'an course and the to an association... Our uncle Abdullah Deniz at 66 was martyred there.”

"Those who do not want to hear our voice see how the July 15 coup arrived"

"But no one mentioned the facts about, from the ditches, the brutality and the murders, for the solution process sake." Yapıcıoğlu said and continued, "Even when somebody from the government talked about that, he insulted us and could descend to claim that we were trying to get some political interests. I had been warned in the Bitlis Provincial Congress several months before the ditch politics on February 1, 2014, that the country before was talking about the ditch, the barricade politics, the brutality. I said; 'Do you think that the soldiers and the police will not be able to enter to those neighborhoods because of the potholes and road barriers you have built? They clear the way for you, be smart. Look, you're going to bury the children of this nation in the ditches that you dug. They clear the way for you. These folks will open your way to make the nation see your wild face. After seeing your face, the soldiers and the policemen will enter and you will destroy the children of this nation.’ we said. 'It is different if you want to prepare the ground for a military coup with these movements, if you want these movements bring the State of Emergency, then if you want martial law. Or else if you want to step through the movements written in the agendas of the imperialists so that you can serve their plans. Then go out and say these clearly and stop cheating on this nation.' Those who did not want to hear our voice that day saw how the July 15 coup arrived. However, we told you in the months before."

"Do not throw your brothers in Syria into the fire we said"

Referring to the issue of Syria in his speech Yapıcıoğlu, "In Syrian issue, we have warned the government. Many times we have said that the policy of Syria is wrong, that Bashar al-Assad is cruel, that the Baath regime produces persecution, and that the way of getting rid of this tyrannical persecution is not armed riot. 'O the Islamic Ummah, our brothers in Syria, the people in Syria are oppressed, and Bashar is cruel. It is necessary to save those oppressed from that cruelty, it our duty. However, when you give weapons to those people, Bashar al-Assad will find an excuse to kill them and some international organizations will also legitimize those massacres at the States. Do not do it, do not do it.' We said. ‘Do not throw your brothers there into the fire.' we told them the way they were held was wrong. We do not say these just today."

Those who didn’t listen us, looking back to us snidely, who sneered us, who flouted, dropped to ditch

Yapıcıoğlu indicated that in the book titled ‘What does HUDA PAR say?’ which includes what they have been saying from the beginning of 2013 until the end of 2015 about explanation on the agenda, continued as, "If you look at this book, there is something about Syria that is almost entirely explained since the beginning of 2013, that is, we have been doing it since a week or two after we set up our party. That 400-page book is has 100-pages on Syria. If I'm not mistaken, we talked about Syria 106 times. We talked about the wrongness of the Syrian policy and what the solution is. We talked about how this solution should be. Unfortunately they did not listen to us. Now those who have not listened to us, when we said, 'Look, there will be a ditch in the continuation of the path you followed,' to those men are looked at us snidely, sneered us, flouted us and went then dropped into ditch.”

"If you want to get out of the ditch, join hands, you have no other exit"

Saying that there is only a way to get out of the ditch they dropped due to of political errors, Yapıcıoğlu said:

"There's a way out of there. There is not much point in discussing and fighting the reasons for dropping that ditch, why we are in the ditch. Allah addresses in the 103th ayah in Ali Imran [The Family of Imran] Surah; ‘And hold fast, all together, by the Rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favor on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you that ye may be guided.’ Those who are going to salvation now.' Now we say, O brothers who fell into that ditch; if you want to get out of there, hold hands. You have no other exit."

"We fell into the ditch, burning because we lost our brotherhood"

"Now it is not the time of the fight" Yapıcıoğlu continued, saying, "Look, heathen with all kinds gathered around, hit with various kinds of bombs, rockets, airplanes. Not enough then, you bomb each other, you shot each other. Today Syria is a fire pit. We fell into the pit, burning because we have lost our brotherhood. Some people swear at us when we call the fraternity. We will not swear at them. But we believe that one day these things will be understood. Much better, clearly understood. And today I truly believe that those who ridiculed what we say, those who take action against us, those who insult us will forget what they say today, they will say in the future what we say today. And they will say it as their own sentence. Let they say it, as much as they say the truth."

"The West does not care about the persecution the people experience"

Yapıcıoğlu pointed out that the West wants the people of Syria not to be saved from the persecution but to have someone come to the fore who will serve them better, "The opposition in Syria came together as Syrian Opposition and Revolutionary Movements. Syrian Opposition Revolutionary Forces Coalition. Muaz al-Hatip, the former imam of the Umayyad Mosque, was brought to its head. It was November of 2012. Four months passed. Muaz al-Hatip resigned. Do you know why? He said, 'Some red lines have been overstepped, so I resigned for that reason.' What happened at that time? The followers know. The Americans suddenly had a wheel. 'Islamic groups in Syria may come to power after Bashar Assad, so we will intervene in Syria' they said. In other words, the West wanted someone who will serve them better, not to people of Syria be saved. Is the persecution that the people see do you this the West care? Already the groups that were so fragmented until that day, at least came together, America sabotaged it."

"Negotiations call of Muaz al-Hatip should be welcomed by the government positively"

Yapıcıoğlu, reminded of the warnings and criticisms they had made to government in the past due to the wrong politics on the Syrian issue, continued as follows: "Some time ago before the resignation of Muaz al-Hatip, there was a problem between Turkiye. In our explanation dated February 18, 2013, we have said, ‘In this sense, at the point of ending the increasing humanity drama in Syria, it is necessary for the negotiations and talks expressed by the Syrian opposition leader Muaz al-Hatip to be welcomed by the government positively.’ Who is this government? Government of the Republic of Turkiye. Muaz al-Hatip said, ‘Let’s make a negotiation with representatives of Syrian regime who have not been yet infected with the blood. I will seek a solution to this problem through negotiation and dialogue.' Turkiye said 'No we do not accept it'. Why? Because they were so convinced that Bashar Assad would be overthrown in a very short period of time, what will you meet with Bashar al-Assad, who will be overthrown three weeks later, three days later, or a month later?"

Stating that steps should be taken to stop the flowing blood of the oppressed in Syria as soon as possible, Yapıcıoğlu said, "Those who oppose this, strongly rejected the proposal of Muaz al-Hatip to make negotiation with the regime representatives who have not been yet infected with the blood! Go to Moscow go, to meet the Russians who bombed from top of the oppressed there for 6 years, go to Damascus, go to Tehran, go to Geneva. Go wherever you are going, but for the sake of Allah, find a formula that will prevent the slaughter of those oppressed as soon as possible! We have been expressed ever since the loss of lives has been in tens of thousands, it has exceeded a million now. Enough. You might be in clover. In your warm rooms, you can count as ingeniousness to be combatant on the keyboard. There, people will freeze in cold, babies, children will starve to death in there. There, the wounded will die from the drugless. There are a large number of immoral men waiting to extend their hand to the women of the groups they defeated. Their chastity will come be defamed. Therefore, find a formula for the sake of Allah to stop the blood of those oppressed."

"Do not be ungrateful to Allah's favor"

Yapıcıoğlu, who was calling all the Muslims and the Islamic Ummah, said, "If we are brothers through the blessings of Allah, regardless of the language, color, from the west, from the east, from the north, from the south, if we became brother from Allah’s favor, let’s not be ungrateful to the Allah’s favor. Understand the magnitude of this blessing. Those who had that blessing may not have had appreciated it enough when they have that blessing. But after that blessing disappeared, we told what happened to the great Ummah. Every day in Syria we see soul-shattering, heart-burning scenes together on the screens."

"We will not fall into discursion, we will unite"

Yapıcıoğlu stated that they will continue to defend Muslims alliance. "I especially say that those who say that it is not possible to talk about alliance in recent periods and that it is a dream; we will hold fast to Allah, His revelation, and we will not fall apart. We will not fall into discursion, we will be united. This will surely happen one day. Those who think that union is a dream, those who fall into despair in spite of the order of Allah, know that no one but the disbelievers have not hope of Allah's mercy. Allah willing we will be brother again with His mercy. Those who say "I will not attend, I will not be here" to this fraternity caravan, we already have nothing to say to them. They may not see themselves as part of this caravan. We hope that we will never sacrifice our afterlife to the world. We will never, ever, sacrifice for someone else’s world. Because it is the biggest foolishness."

After the program ended with the prayer, party members then visited the photo exhibition showing of HUDA PAR’s working since its foundation. (ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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