"Whether it is national lottery is a gamble"

"Whether it is national lottery is a gamble"

Added date : 2016-12-22 15:11

BINGOL - Theologians say that the national lottery and similar types of gambling are forbidden by religion, expressed that it have not lifted gambling character of the lottery even it is called “national”.

Bingöl University vice Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Theology Prof. Dr. Hakan Olgun, stated that lottery and other gambling are forbidden by religion, lottery even called 'national' has not remove its gambling character and believers must absolutely stay away.

Especially come to the agenda at the beginning of the year, the 'national lottery' is the gambling said Bingöl University Dean of Theology Faculty Professor. Dr. Hakan Olgun, and added, "Whether the national or non-national lottery is a gamble and believers people should absolutely stay away.

Olgun, evaluating 'National Lottery' and similar gambling varieties to ILKHA, said that the gamble was referred to as 'the devil's filthy works' in the related ayah of the Qur'an.

Olgun, "Although it seems to be a recurring theme from the beginning of the year, the National Lottery is a lottery game that is repeated and practiced as much as we can follow from the year-round media. It takes more attention of people because of the amount of the bonus given especially at the beginning of the year. Especially at the beginning of the year because heavily advertisements it come further to the agenda. Especially we see at the beginning of the year as a center of attraction by certain segments it comes to people.

"Our religion absolutely regards lottery as gambling"

Olgun remarked that gambler is a filthy job of evil and we should be stay away from it, added as follow, "Our religion is evaluating as absolutely gambling, that we are going to confiscate to lottery essentially unconvincing or whatever the name is those its source is unclear and collecting with other people’s money in a pool. In the Qur'an, it is referred to as the 'the devil's filthy works'. The sacrifices in front of cult figures, the fortune arrows, the drink [alcoholic], and the gambling are all mentioning together by Allah Almighty, all of them expressing 'the dirty work of the devil.”

Olgun said that the lottery was used mainly in the last period of the Ottoman Empire and that the ambassadors of the western countries started an application in Istanbul. "The Armenian church has organized a lottery for the non-Muslim communities in Istanbul. The entry into our country has been entered by western ambassadors and practices of non-Muslim communities.”

"We see it as the practice of the westernization process"

We see lottery as a practice of the westernization process: "When we go to the Republican era, the lottery is regulated in the name of Tayyare Society as a result of westernization politics. So, as far as the process is understood, we see that the entire process of westernization has emerged as an application."

"Having national word does not lift its character of gambling"

Olgun said, "Because it is a 'National', it is an institution that is officially operated by the state. But this is very important, being 'national' or having its 'national' expression in front of it does not lift its gambling character. Whether national or non-national, the lottery is a gamble, and the believers are confronted as 'the devil's filthy works', which they should definitely stay away. In terms of gambling structure, people are putting a small amount of money and having great gains." (ILKHA)

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