FETO-PKK connection in October 6-8 events in Gaziantep

FETO-PKK connection in October 6-8 events in Gaziantep

Added date : 2016-12-26 11:47

GAZIANTEP - In the indictment of the events of October 6-8, in which 5 people were killed in Gaziantep, some of the defendants connected with the FETO / PDY provided weapons and ammunition from Kobani that they used during the attacks.

FETO-PKK connection in October 6-8 events in Gaziantep

With the call of HDP Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş in 2014 with the pretext of Kobani, in Gaziantep in the October 6-8 events, 5 people lost their lives, 39 people were injured in the attack. The links between the FETO and PKK was pointed in the indictment prepared against 10 suspects.

In the indictment prepared by Gaziantep Chief Public Prosecutor for the attacks of October 6-8, which caused the loss of life of 5 people and injuring 39 people in Gaziantep, those who participated in actions in some neighborhoods of Şahinbey and Şehitkamil stated that they had to "disrupt the unity of the State and the country, attempted to commit murder".

In the indictment, the accused İ.I. And M.I were among the founders of Kurdish-language TV, World TV, which was closed due to the link to FETO, after the coup attempt of December 17-25, they had subsidized to FETO through to the teachers of the children they sent to the schools of FETO.

The secret witness Sefer while he has been on Hasip Durri Street on October 9, 2014 at 19.00 to see a close relative, while a group came by Barak Neighborhood to protest PKK supporters, he said that PKK supporters started to run away.

In the meantime, Sefer told that A.I had given weapons to PKK members who came to his house, then he saw that these weapons had been fired, and that the PKK supporters had attacked with stony and Molotov cocktail against the citizens reacting to the attack.

Sefer also reported that conflict took place between the two thousands of people who went to the streets in order to react and about 500 HDP / PKK people with armed, stabbed, stony and battle races.

The secret witness, Baran, declared that he saw events between the two groups and that the PKK had randomly fired at the citizens.

In addition, while there was evidence that M.I, who was among the supporters of PKK and injured while continuing the actions, was subsequently referred to Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) for treatment by members of FETO.

PKK-FETO co-operation came to an end in Mersin

The PKK-FETO cooperation came to the agenda in the events of October 6-7 in Mersin. During the events in the city, the HDP group attacked the building of Mustazafs Society, but the security forces did not take any precautions even though it had been informed beforehand. As a result of the incidents, HUDA PAR Karaman Provincial Chairman Hasan Atım lost one of his eye.

As the attackers continued, the police took the association to the blockade and did not allow members of the association and volunteers to leave the building under the pretext of searching inside. At that time attacks were made on the houses, workplaces and vehicles of the members and volunteers of the association.

Former District Police Chief Yaşar Aksoy and TEM Branch Manager Mehmet Tüfek were arrested linked to FETO after 15 July coup attempt, which once again showing the cooperation of FETO / PKK. (ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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