"This cold and the rain are better than to die in Aleppo"

"This cold and the rain are better than to die in Aleppo"

Added date : 2016-12-27 12:40

GAZIANTEP - The Syrian family, living in a tent that they set up in front of a shop in Gaziantep, said that they have nothing left in Aleppo due to the war.

The Syrian Mustafa family, who settled in Gaziantep after fled from the civil war in their country, is trying to pass the winter days in the tent they set up in front of the shop they rent with their own means.

The family living in Aleppo has escaped from intense bombardments and came to Şehitkâmil district 4 years ago. The Mustafa family placed their tent in front of a shop they rented in Gazikent Belkıs Neighborhood because they could not find a home.

Meryem Mustafa, who stated that she had to live in a tent with her husband and three children, is waiting for a helping hand to pass them.

Mustafa said, "Our house in Aleppo has been destroyed because of the bombing, we did not have a single thing in Aleppo. Then we came here with my husband. The weather got cold. We stay here with my children. We tried to find a house but we did not find any. We have rented this shop compulsorily. Because the shop is very small and there is nothing in but the toilet then we set up this tent in front of it."

"This cold and the rain are better than to die in Aleppo"

"We are sitting here in the cold, our neighbors are helping us, but it is very hard to get along with help, it's raining, it's dripping on us. This cold and the rain are better than dying in Aleppo. There are many Syrians sitting here, they are all in a very difficult situation like us. As you see, my children have no jackets and socks to wear on them. Children feel chilly. It is very cold here.

Mustafa stated that they tried to warm up with electrical heater but her children could not sleep till morning due to the cold weather, "Instead of dying and being left in streets of Aleppo, we live here. There is neither a kitchen nor a bathroom. We only have a toilet. We have no food. We only have electrical heater and we can’t get warm. The electricity bill is too high and we cannot pay it. We will move if we find a house but we can’t find a house. The price [rent] of what we finds are also very high. Here is very small and cold and is not enough for us. Children feel cold and wet their clothes because it is very cold here, and they can’t sleep.

Meryem Mustafa, who is on call to authorities and philanthropists, said that primarily fuel, clothing and food needs. (ILKHA)

YASAL UYARI: Yayınlanan yazılı haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tüm hakları İlke Haber Ajansı A.Ş.'ye aittir. Hiçbir surette haber, fotoğraf ve videonun tamamı veya bir kısmı yazılı sözleşme yapılmadan veya abone olmadan kullanılamaz.

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