After 26 years, the family learns that their mother lives

After 26 years, the family learns that their mother lives

Added date : 2016-12-29 17:11

BATMAN - The family learned that their mother they thought she had died in the confluence 26 years ago when she was doing the pilgrimage, appealed alive. The family demand for help from President and the Prime Minister that their mothers be brought to them.

After 26 years, the family learns that their mother lives

Children of Fahire Kara who is from Batman believed to their mother has lost her lives in the 1990s confluence in Hajj, learned that she is alive and waiting for the help from authorities to come together with their mother.

Fahire Kara born in 1943, mother of 12 children from Yontukyazı (Cinesker) village to the district of Beşiri in Batman was going to do the pilgrimage with her husband Abdurrahman Kara in 1990 thought that she had died during the devil stoning confluence where thousands of people lost their lives in that time.

It was shocking to hear that their mother, who they thought was dead, had been living after 26 years. The family learned that their mother wanted to come to Turkiye but could not come to Turkiye now worried about not meeting their mother.

After 26 years, the family who learned the truth called President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım through ILKHA and called for help for their mother in Mecca.

Şükran Öner, daughter of Fahire Kara, told the story of her mother and father in the pilgrimage to Hajj 26 years ago. Stated that her mother and father both injured in the disease took place in Hajj. Said that her father did not find her mother in spite of all the calls he made in Mecca for days, said that some authorities in Mecca told his fathers that his wife had died.

Stating that their father, who could not even see their mother's funeral, had to return to Turkiye again, Öner noted that his father was married because he thought their mother was dead.

After 26 years, Öner said that some acquaintances who went to the Hajj saw their mother said that their mother wanted to reach them but that she could not return to Turkiye because of the passports and documents were taken. Öner claimed that her mother told those acquaintances that she had been kidnapped by a municipal worker in Mecca.

Remarked that that worker had kept their mother for 10 years in house arrest and forced to marry and made 2-3 children from her. Öner emphasized that her mother started to sell ornaments around Mecca and Medina with the thought of seeing one of her family.

Expressing that their only wish was to get to their mother, Öner said that his father was too old and could not go to the Mecca due to health problems.

Recording that she was 16 years old when her mother went to the pilgrimage, "In 1990, my mother and father are going to Hedjaz. My parents are leaving their 9 month old baby here. A confusion took place in there. My mother stuck in there. My dad sees her as wounded. Even my father was injured in that confusion. My dad wants to go with her mother but he can not stand on his feet. He sees their mother as wounded. My dad is being taken to the hospital later. My dad is leaving half of his serum and looking for his wife again. He comes to the last place where he found her. This time, he look for in the hospitals, but can’t find any evidence from their mother. He's looking at the morgues, he can not find her. Despite 10 days of search in Mecca, my father does not see any trace and he has to return home. My father then had to get married."

"Please help us"

Stating that the entire family believed that their mother had died, Öner said, "After 26 years has passed, we have heard for 3-4 months that she has been alive. First we did not believe it. It was very difficult for us. There were people from Batman, we had one contact but not another. We believe our mother lives now. We want our President, Prime Minister to find our mother. We can’t take it anymore. We want to meet our mother. We have no night and day. Please help us."

"We want to meet our mother"

Saying that her mother had been forcibly held according to the statements, Öner continued her words as follows: "According to what my mother told them, she was forcibly held. She was imprisoned in a room for 10 years, never seen the daylight. She told everybody. She said that she was tortured by the man who kidnapped her. Some say that they told us that they took our mother as the 2nd wife and some as the 3rd wife. My mother said that. She tells her story to anyone from Turkiye but she can not reach us anyhow. Many times she applied to the consulate, but she could not express himself. We want the authorities to get our mother back to us as soon as possible. We want to meet our mother, we want this longing to end."

"My aunt who I thought died once, dies there every day"

Nuri Öner said that he would go to the Mecca after the beginning of the year to find his aunt and start to look for her. "There is no evidence of the death of my aunt but she is lost until now. We want her to come back. She asked for help from Turkish citizens who went to Mecca. After the beginning of the year I will go to Mecca with my own means and I will look for her. I will do anything that I can do. We are not comfortable, we are all in pain. My aunt, who I thought died once, dies there every day. If there is an opportunity, she will not wait there for a second." (ILKHA)

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