"Let's understand each other after we put back the language of violence

"Let's understand each other after we put back the language of violence

Added date : 2017-01-04 14:36

GAZIANTEP - Assuming that Muslims should consider the sectarian differences as a richness, Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Cinar said that a Muslim's approach to another Muslim should not forget first of all that his opposite is his brother.

Gaziantep University (GAUN) Faculty of Theology Prof. Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Çınar in the evaluations of developments in Islamic geography, emphasized that Muslims should taking into consideration the brotherhood law that Islam has determined and not forget that Allah determined Muslims as Muslims brothers despite all differences.

Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Çınar made assessments to ILKHA about the situation in the Islamic world and developments in the Islamic geography, Muslims should primarily develop solidarity and tolerance, especially dialogue among themselves on the developments stated that for the end of the sufferings.

All believers, no matter what sect, are brothers

Çınar says that no one has the right to customize someone else because of the perceive he understand from Islam which he hasn’t applied to his life, continued as, "Allah says in the Quran ‘Muslims are the only brothers’. ’Hanafi, Shafi’i, Sunnis or Shia are brothers', 'Believers are brothers'. In that case, we must consider the law of brotherhood against all believers. We must use it against anyone who defines himself as a believer in any denomination."

"Instead of understand each other, Muslims are trying to argue and make silence each other"

Underlining that the most fundamental cause of the problems between Muslims is caused by not listening to each other, Çınar said that in the approach of a Muslim to another Muslim, he should make an empathy by replacing his / her:

"Unfortunately, there are painful events in the history of Muslims. Like the problems between the People of the hadith and the dissenters [Mu'tazila] in the past. The main reason for these suffers is that they did not sit and listen to each other. That is, they did not try to understand each other. Today, unfortunately, it is same. Muslims are trying to argue and make silence each other more than they try to understand each other."

"Let's try to understand each other after we have put back the language and administration of violence ..."

Criticizing the violence of Muslims against each other, Çınar said, "At this moment, some Muslims are using violence. Unfortunately, they are also using this violence against Muslims. First of all this violence must be finished. In other words, no one has absolutely right to use violence against others in the name of religion. This is our most basic problem. After we put this language of violence and administration back on, we will see it that we don’t have that much problems after we try to understand each other."

Muslims should not be imposing each other

Çınar stated that Muslims should guide Muhammad [PBUH] to them and that they should go on his way. "The religion of Islam does not produce only a single solution in every matter. Sometimes the truth can occur plurality. That could be more than one right. Perhaps it is true in Syria, it is true in Turkiye and something else in Iran. These could be. Therefore, we should not attempt to monotype people by not taking this into account. I mean, everyone has no such obligation ‘I want everyone's mind is like mine, everyone thinks like me, if I respect this then everyone should respect. What Muslims have to do is; everyone will accept Muhammad [PBUH] as a prophet. He will try to go on His path. Apart from that, no one has the right to impose their own interpretations on each other."

"Everyone will try to use us when we allow them to use us"

Criticizing that Muslims applied to the US, Russia and other western countries in order to solve their problems, saying "This is enough as abasement for Muslims", Assoc. Dr. Çınar continued his words as follows:

"The problem will be solved when we say 'if we get together on them, forget the rest' on the minimum common parts. We also need to understand that this is a serious problem. Unfortunately, we can not accept it. There are 1.7 billion Muslims. Muslims are closing to the US, Russia, and so on to solve their problems. This is enough as abasement for Muslims. In fact, when they think about it, they will see how lame they are. From time to time we are running to ease. We call on those who attempt to commit violent acts among Muslims; 'someone else has been a gamer and others are using them let’s allow them to use us'. When we allow them use us, everyone will try to use us. Everyone is doing their own business. Satan is making his devil, enemy hostility. But let's do our own business. Let's know we're brothers. Let us try to maintain our relations in this fraternal law. Then the power of anyone will not be enough to us."

He emphasized that people need to endure a denomination in order to live in a religious life in practical life, especially in the field of civilization. He noted that it is important for denominational religion to be able to live comfortably in daily life and not to neglect religion.

Çınar stated that sectarian differences should be seen as a richness, "But we must not use these methods absolutely to fall out with each other, to break, to discuss and to be an enemy."

"Uniformity and righteousness have brought us considerable trouble in the name of religion"

Çınar, "Believers are brothers only. In that case, we must consider the law of brotherhood against all believers. We must use against anybody who defines himself as a believer in any denomination. There is nothing surprising about this. However, fraternity law must be strictly observed against other believers. Uniformity and righteousness have brought us a lot of trouble in the name of religion.” (ILKHA)

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