"Muslims need common language and leadership for their unity [Wahdat]"

"Muslims need common language and leadership for their unity [Wahdat]"

Added date : 2017-01-12 17:01

BATMAN - Historian Mehmet Çelik, who said that Muslims did not know their own civilization and urbaneness and did not realize that they had great power, emphasized the need for a common language and education understanding.

Historian Mehmet Çelik, stated that Muslims are the forerunners of culture and civilization for centuries, which Islamic geography is in the center of the world, but Muslims are not aware especially of these facts, made important evaluations about Muslims’ yesterday and tomorrow.

Çelik said that a new education curriculum is in need for Islamic Ummah to recognize its glorious history and brilliant past, that Muslims can come together and become an important force against the colonial West and that they can be saved from colonization, and also that the caliphate institution should be revived.

Saying that Islam, born in Arabia, has spread to Iran, Mesopotamia and Egypt in the period of 4 caliphs, Çelik stated that Islam spreads throughout Europe during the time of the Abbasids and before them in the time of Umayyad, and that these places have become Islamic countries.

"As the Europeans united, the Muslims were divided"

Stating that over time Muslims have reached far distant lands such as the Caucasus, Balkans, India and Central Asia, Çelik said that in this process dozens of Muslim countries were formed, but over time Muslims were disintegrated, and added as follow:

"When we came to the 20th century, Islamic enemies, especially the British colonialist activities of the British Kingdom, were put under pressure and the Islamic countries, which are as much as the thumbs of a hand and representing all the Islamic world, were broken up into smaller statues over time. The Muslims were separated and fragmented as the Europeans united during the 20th century. This was a project implemented to manage Muslims easier."

"Muslims need coalition, unity and a leader"

Underlining the need for an awakening and a resurgence that will ensure the unity of Muslims, Çelik continued:

"Today, when we look at the geographical area where Muslims live in terms of population, Muslims are in the position where can be considered as the center of the world in every respect. The Middle East, the Far East and the Near East are the regions rich in energy, water and land trade routes, underground and superficial riches. Muslims which haven’t use of these advantages are in a state of socio-cultural backwardness and they are the most backward nations. Muslims should get rid of this situation, need a moment of awakening and resurrection that will give direction to the world like in the history. In order for this to happen, Muslims need coalition, unity and a leader. There is a need for Muslims to Islamize their retraining, their language and their culture."

"A youth who knows the Islamic world does not grow up in schools"

Today's youth is important for the future of the Islamic Ummah, so it is important for young people to know their true history and that there should be radical changes in education said Çelik and continued:

"We need to evaluate the opportunities that arise after the July 15 coup attempt to make radical changes in the social sciences and educational system. A youth who not know Islamic world raise in schools.”

"Our young people do not know Muslim scientists and leaders"

Çelik says that young people raise without aware of their own culture, past, and history, "At this point, Europeans are leading the social sciences. Our young people do not know Muslim scientists and Muslim leaders who have pioneered thousands of years as scholarship and leaders. We fill youth head with many West culture knowledge which it doesn’t benefit to us which we don’t need it at all. Those youth raise without being aware of their culture, past and religion. It is a mistake to expect from those young people to come up with any inventions in the future, to take a scientific step, or to lead people. Urgent steps should be taken about an education system that based on wisdom, science and Islam. It is imperative that curricula should be changed. Especially Islamic history, Islamic countries, geography or history of Islamic civilization should be added to the curriculum.”

"They have broken Muslims with racism and nationalism"

Çelik stated that Islamic Ummah has been broken and added, "There are 57 Islamic countries in the world and a Muslim population with 1.6 millions and millions square meters of land as a geography. Until now, until the 20th century, there were only a few Muslim countries. Although there are a number of new countries that have emerged as "the end of colonialism in the 20th century, Muslim countries have gained their independence" it is unthinkable that the ruling administrations were not so independent because of their commitment to the West. A major part of Arabia, Yemen, Africa, Egypt until the beginning of World War I, the whole of these regions were under Ottoman territories under the Islamic flag, almost every family, tribe, and tribal state have been established and the Muslims have been torn apart by racism and nationalism."

"There is no communication mechanism to inform the Muslims of the world"

Stating that the fragmented Islamic geography was colonized by the Westerners, Çelik said, "Until the 1920s, there were no such countries as Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Westerners, especially the British, positioned the world according to their views on their own colonies. They have designed the Islamic world as the Near East [Anatolia, Balkans], the Far East (India, China, Japan), and the Middle East (Mesopotamia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, etc.) and used. The terms we use geographically today are geographically-defined areas entirely related to the colonial empire of the Kingdom of Great Britain. In fact those lands were ruling by Islamic civilization in the history. Population of the Far East the territory in which the Arakan, Moro, Eritrean, or African countries such as Somalia and Nigeria were largely Muslim countries. Today, we don’t know where they are, where they lived, what kind of problems they have. We do not have a system, a communication mechanism that will notify or inform us about them. These Muslim brothers are consciously separated from each other by long-running colonial policies."

"60% of the Muslim population lives in Asia"

Çelik, "Islam spread to Arabia first, then to Asia, Europe and Africa during the period when the Muslims were leading and shaping the world civilization while the current geographical situation of the Islamic World was shaped over time. Today, 60 percent of the Muslim population is in Asia (India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan).

Çelik stated that huge perception operation are being done by Westerns and added, "We have already noticed the presence of Muslims in Arakan as a reflection of the torture and oppression of unprecedented in the recent history by Buddhist Myanmar government. There are many Muslim communities in Asia and Africa that we do not know about as they are Muslims. There are dozens of autonomous regions affiliated to the Russian Federation with a majority of the Muslim population. Although 60 percent of 1.6 billion Muslims live in Asia but there is a perception that Muslims live only in Mesopotamia and Middle East regions. It is the work of the West that a Muslim does not know about other Muslims in the world and does not know what kind of problems they are encountering."

"We need to better define Muslim countries which are our brothers"

Çelik, who told us on July 15th it has revealed who was friendly and who was the enemy, continued as, "We have just realized who is crying for us, who is praying for us, who has been asleep until the morning on the July 15 coup attempt. We have seen that the secular, Kemalist and nationalist sections in Istanbul's İstiklal Street and Istanbul Baghdad Street in Western capitals expect the success of the coup, and we know that they wait for the demonstrations of joy with the European capitals. In the capitals of Islamic countries, we know that in the Muslim countries’ cities and streets such as in Medina, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kabul, Cairo, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco shed a tearful prayer for us. We know who is friendly and who the enemy is. So we have to know our friends and our Muslim countries. We need to introduce our young people better. We must not know how imperialist and colonial the West is, how vicious it is to await our undermining, under the feet."

After 2050, he added that the Muslim population in 2070 and 2100 will reach the Christian population and that it will pass the Christian population. "This has seriously frightened the Western people. The reasons of attacks in recent times, in the West, in the cultural sense, in the Islamic world are just for this. The map of the world needs to be redesigned by bringing the Muslim geography to the center. And non-Muslim geographies such as the Americas and Europe, Russia, China and India are glaring more. Muslims are shown in small statues below, psychologically made Muslim generations underdeveloped. Although waterways, hot seas, energy lines and trade routes are in Islamic geography, which is the junction point, is the most advantageous region in every respect, we are deceived by playing with maps and showing it as Europe is the source of everything in the education curriculum. We have to put an end to this deception. The maps that will bring Islamic geography to the world center need to be redesigned."

"First, there is a need for a common language in which Muslims can understand each other and communicate with each other." remarked Çelik and finally said:

“Arabic should be the common language which is the language of the holy book of Almighty Allah. Arabic is only being taught as an elective course in a country where 99% of the population is Muslim, like Turkiye. Now knowing Arabic apart us from Islamic countries and from Islamic geography. (ILKHA)

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