Hüseyin Velioğlu commemorates upon his grave

Hüseyin Velioğlu commemorates upon his grave

Added date : 2017-01-18 10:45

BATMAN - Hizbullah Congregation Founding Guide Hüseyin Velioğlu, commemorated upon his grave on his 17th martyrdom anniversary by his lovers. His grave was visited all day long by visitors.

Hüseyin Velioğlu commemorates upon his grave

The grave of Hizbullah Congregation Founding Guide Hüseyin Velioğlu which is in Batman Karşıyaka Cemetery, who was martyred in Istanbul on January 17, 2000, has been visited by visitors throughout the day.

Following the noon prayer, people visited Velioğlu’s grave in groups and read Yasin [thirty-sixth surah of the Quran], said salavats and prayed during the visit to the tomb.

Molla Enver Kılıçarslan made a speech here, told the purpose and aim of his common cause friend Velioğlu and said, "Hüseyin Velioğlu's purpose, service and struggle was to protect Islam's glory and to rule the Qur'an. His whole struggle was to protect this people from heathen. He was always telling us ‘I have no patience even if one hour I don’t fight with heathen’. He would visit scholars, Islamic authors and personalities on this land for the purpose of Islamic Dawah. His whole aim was to dominate Islam and in this way he gave his life to Allah with struggle soul. If there is still Islam and Islam is mentioned in this land, this is on his coattails."

Serdin Velioğlu, the elder brother of Hizbullah leader Hüseyin Velioğlu said: "My brother's morality was very beautiful. He was a very working man for religion. He was not afraid. He worked hard so that Islam could prevail. He left almost no place in Turkiye to spread Islam. Many people found the right path with on his coattails. He was seeded a religious lineage on this land."

"We will not forget him until we die"

Saliha Velioğlu, the older sister of Hüseyin Velioğlu who expresses her feelings, stated that they will never forget her brother.

Saliha said, "He was very pious, his service was for Allah. He was always preaching to people. He was preaching Islam and Qur'an to people. He loved Muslims, scholars and young people. I'm calling to the young people, read the Qur'an as much as you can. Do not leave the path of Allah and His Messenger. We will never forget him."

The grave of Velioğlu was visited by lovers throughout the day. (ILKHA)

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