"A person who feels in vain, refreshes when read Quran"

"A person who feels in vain, refreshes when read Quran"

Added date : 2017-01-20 11:17

DIYARBAKIR - Resolution of the Qur’an’s students who are visually impaired and learn with the eye of the heart by touching the Qur'an is a great example for everyone.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs has started Qur’an learn education 3 years ago to educate instructor for those visually impaired, with ‘Braille Alphabet’ in 81 provinces. Later on, this Qur'an course instructors were sent to many places in Turkiye, began to train in courses opened by muftis.

Within this scope, Qur’an course is given for visually impaired people at weekends in Bediüzzaman Mosque located in the district of Kayapınar in Diyarbakır.

Visually impaired people who participate in the learning Qur’an are happier to learn the Qur'an with the eye of the hearts while touching, they become an example with their perseverance.

Musa Salim Söyler, the Coordinator of Disabled People of Diyarbakır Mufti Office and course students made explanations to the ILKHA; stated that there is no obstacle to overcome if be patient, resolution and determined.

"When compare to people who see, these brothers have no difference"

Söyler said that those who have Braille Alphabet background, they learn the Qur'an more quickly, "Our students who has braille background, they pass the Qur'an in a period of one month, for those who don’t know braille, we teach them the letters braille. It takes a little while, but those who have a background are moving very quickly, when we compare them with the people who see, these brothers have no difference, I can even say that sometimes they are even more successful."

"There is no obstacle you will not overcome, you will not be success"

Baran Yıldırım (13), who stated that reading the Qur'an is very delightful, said that the visually impaired trainee, who has educated 5 years in Muş, said, "I came to Diyarbakır and read here in the school of sight disabilities. Then I have met Musa Salim Söyler, he is very useful to me. Those who are not disabled must read Qur’an. I recommend reading the Qur'an is a very beautiful book. I am calling to all the disabled; be patient, be resolute, be determined; there is no obstacle that you cannot be succeed."

40-years old Selman Karakaş, who has been studying the Qur’an course for two years, said that reading, understanding and living are very important.

"We hope that those who are not disabled and do not know the Qur'an can take us as an example"

Karakaş said his happiness is inutterable for reading Qur’an and added, "We have been training in the Qur'an course for about 2 years. Our teacher is helping us to correct our mistakes. There are many things we have earned. The most important thing we win is spiritual. Reading, understanding and living Qur’an are very important issues. Our feelings are inutterable. It is the greatest happiness in the world and the hereafter. It is a great happiness and a great pleasure to know it. The eye brings human beings closer to earthly affairs and we are much more advantageous because we have not seen the world very much and we wish that those who are not disabled and who do not know the Qur'an can take us as an example.”

"When the person feels in vain, he refreshes when he reads the Quran"

17-years-old Kadir Tek, who stated that he is working to memorize the Qur’an, expressed himself with the following words:

"I read the Qur’an in tajwid [refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an]. Now I'm working on a hafiz [memorizing the whole Qur’an]. Human begun to form completely different when he/she read Qur'an, very excited, freshen. When a person feels in vain, he/she freshen when read the Qur’an. I believe that determined make you win everything.

Another visually impaired 18-years-old Mehmet Yüksel stated that he is very excited when he reads the Qur'an, saying, "I could not read the Qur'an before, and when I see the readers, I was excited and I would like to read the Qur’an. I came here when I heard that the Qur’an course has opened. I was very happy when I started the Qur'an. I am very excited about reading the Qur'an, and it seems to me that I want to read more. At first, I was only memorizing when I came to the course. I feel very sorry for other people who are not disabled because we read with braille with the fingers and read it while other people do not read it. Hopefully they will recite Holy Qur’an." (ILKHA)

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