"Hold your children's hand in holiday and take them to mosque"

"Hold your children's hand in holiday and take them to mosque"

Added date : 2017-01-21 15:47

BITLIS - Bitlis Provincial Mufti M. Faysal Geylani, who stated that the students should spend semester vacation fully, recommended that parents take their children to mosque.

With the end of the fall semester of the 2016-2017 education year, the students started a 15-day semester break. The Provincial Mufti of Bitlis M. Faysal Geylani recommended for families regarding of the benefit from opportunities of the students' vacation.

Emphasizing that the beauty of Islam should be embroidered in the hearts of children, Geylani said that it would be beneficial for parents to take their children to mosques during the semester break.

Geylani said, "Keep your children in the hand and take them to mosque. Our elders always said when the child learns what he has done at the age of seven, he does it at the age of seventy. Now the schools are in the break holiday. Our imams are in the mosques in the midday, afternoon and evening prayers time.

"Let's care of them by telling them the beauty of Islam"

Referring to the fact that the mosque imams are obliged to teach the children the beauty of the Qur'an and Islam, Geylani continued his words as follows:

"When we place faith in the heart of a seven-year-old child, believe in Allah, in prophets, in angels, in the day of the judgment, and in the hereafter, this child will be beneficial to him first when he/she grows up tomorrow. Let’s care of our children by telling them the beauty of Islam. I hope that we will fulfill our duty as mother and father in this way, and if we fulfill the duties of mother and father in a beautiful way, then the children’s world and hereafter will be heaven.

"Hold our children’s hand and take them to the mosque"

Geylani pointed out that if a child not going to raise in well-behaved, he will damage himself, his family and environment and continued as, "Indeed, we are looking at what we are in today. How badly it is because we do not really not care of children. It has only one reason that we didn’t embroidered the beauty of Islam in their hearts. If we take our children of our grandchildren to the mosque, we will do our duty towards the community together as a father and grandfather. That’s why, at least once a day or twice a day we should hold their hands and take them to mosques. Make the children see mosque. Seeing the congregation, hear the adhan, and leave a mark on this child. "I went to the mosque with my grandfather at seven years old, to the noon prayer, to Friday prayer." the child will say in the future."

Referring to the function of the mosques in the society, Geylani stated that the mosques are the houses of peace for the society and that the community is the common stakeholder, not only places where the prayers are performing but the places where troubles and problems are resolved.

Geylani said, “Mosque is a common place for everyone to go there and perform prayers, to turn the face to Allah and to return to the Kaaba, where prayers are accepted, and where the troubles and problems are solved at the same time. Five times to go to the community, joining the community. Problem of villages or neighborhood are solving in there.

"As parents we fulfill our duty to children"

Drawing attention to the rights of the children on the parents, Geylani said that the families should educate them on the basis of their compassion and mercy.

"Let's keep our children in a sense of compassion and mercy by earning their hearts without leaving our children in too much difficulty. Giving them as much morality as they can and leaving them with a sense of compassion and mercy. Our children are Allah’s trust in us. Allah will ask us tomorrow for this trust. Bringing a beautiful name to the child, making him a scholar, and making our duties are the tasks of mothers and fathers. It is our greatest responsibility as mother and father.”

"It should be checked to see who your children’s friends are"

Geylani pointed out that it is important for children to supervise the people they make friends with and said, "Who does the child make friends with? What is the situation of the child, we need to know them that way. (ILKHA)

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