"Conditional released for treatment when they realized my brother will die"

"Conditional released for treatment when they realized my brother will die"

Added date : 2017-01-26 12:40

BATMAN - Family of Ahmet Şahin, who was detained by "parallel state structures" and arrested in prison and died of stomach cancer in prison, told about the illegality that they experienced in.

The family of Ahmet Şahin, one of the victims of the battue drove by the "parallel structures" in the state, on Islamic identity persons and institutions in the years of 2000, explained how 35 years of life was ended with the experienced unlawful.

Ahmet Şahin from Batman [SE city of Turkiye], who was detained in Istanbul in 2001, being arrested and sent to life imprisonment, was released on condition that a stomach cancer diagnosis was put in the prison and the execution was postponed. Ahmet Şahin (35), who was released from the D-type prison in Diyarbakır in 2009, lost his life about 3 months later.

Family of Ahmed Sahin, who was father of 4 boys, expressed that Şahin was passed away as a negligence result of prison administration and doctors.

After patient prisons came on agenda, Ahmet Şahin's family spoke to ILKHA, stated that other sick prisoners should be removed from the prison as soon as possible, before they lose their life like Ahmet Şahin.

Ahmet Şahin's older brother Davut Şahin said that his brother lost his life as a result of negligence in prison. Davut Şahin stated that his brother was arrested in Istanbul for his Islamic services in 2001, subjected to heavy tortures and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Şahin said that his brother, Ahmet, who had no illness before the prison, was caught in stomach cancer in prison while he was in Diyarbakır D Type Prison in 2009 and was released with execution delay due to stomach bleeding. He emphasized that his brother passed away about 3 months after he was taken to the hospital.

"He was subjected to severe tortures”

Şahin said, "With my brother Ahmet, we were arrested the prison in early 2001. After entering the prison we had a 17-day torture process, and both of us had very heavy torture. Then we were sent to Diyarbakır Type D type prison. My brother Ahmet had a healthy, strong, big and a solid structure. Naturally stresses and depression in the prison cause negativities in the human being and Ahmet was caught illness in his stomach after a while in prison.”

"I am telling about my illness, but the doctor is satisfied with the medicine"

Şahin said that although his brother Ahmet told the doctor about his disease, but the doctor was only write medicine instead of sending him to the hospital and continued:

"He was going to the infirmary. He was writing a monotonous prescription. Then I noticed potion of the medicine was increased. He was using medicine before and after almost every meal. Once I said to himself, 'My brother, you have devastated yourself with these medicines. Even those medicines are making you feel better temporarily, will surely have their side effects. Tell the doctor that those drugs are temporary, he should refers you to outside hospital and serious tests should be made. Your illness need more attention'. He told me ’Brother, I tell the doctor but the doctor is satisfied only to write these medicines."

"After Ahmet's disease progressed, he was sent to the hospital"

Şahin emphasized that the prison administration is not interested in his brother Ahmet, "After I was evacuated, I heard that his illness became more advanced and aggravated. When I asked why the prison administrator was not interested in your illness, he said, ‘I go and tell the doctor but the doctor is only satisfied with the medicine.’ Later then we heard he was hospitalized urgently. After examination was made in hospital, it was revealed that he caught gastric cancer. The doctor then understood that the disease had not developed within a few days if he was not in the prison environment. It was not possible to spread it to many organs of the body. It was a previous of this. After Ahmet's disease progressed, he was sent to the outpatient hospital."

"There is strange persecution and injustice in prisons"

Şahin said that there is injustice against prisoners in prison and added, "After a short period of treatment, he was referred to Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute, I took him there. All the units agreed there that Ahmet could not stay in prison anymore and his illness was almost in the last stage. In some way they decided that this prisoner will long for a short time and the prison administration decided to 'stop the execution'. What is the meaning 'stopping the execution'? This patient will continue the outpatient treatment, after a period of time he will go to the prison again if the illness improves and the treatment will be continued in the prison environment again. There was such a strange, cruel and unfair thing. My brother was sent home after the decision to stop the execution. Strongly build my brother was melting day by day. This situation hadn’t continued for 3 months and he passed away.”

"Sick prisoners in prison environment are unfortunately ignored"

Recalling that the state should monitor prisoners in prison, Şahin said:

“Sick prisoners in prison environment are unfortunately ignored. According to the law, a person can be a ‘criminal’. He will be punished and imprisoned, but in situations like illness is different. Eventually he is human, even he is a prisoner, he is under the trust of the state. The state have to make a living and have to have his illness treated, but unfortunately, especially for the pious prisoners there is no such thing. We have heard that a few prisoners have lost their lives in such way. When Ahmed was sick, if he would be sent to the outside doctors, and treated before spreading his disease maybe he would not face this result."

"My brother died because of negligence"

Şahin stated that his brother lost his life because of negligence and lack of necessary treatment and he said that "Prison environment is a disease producing environment. When the appropriate medicines are not given, proper foods are given they are reasons for the purpose of increasing the sickness. Unfortunately my brother has passed away due to the ignorance and negligence of prison administration. His very young wife was left widowed, 4 children were orphaned. His only crime was to live an Islamic life. My brother died because of the negligence of the prison administration.”

"Same grievances still continue"

Şahin stated that there are sick prisoners still in prisons whose illness progressed and added, "We know that Turkiye has been governed by the administrators who have been prostrating (sajdah) their foreheads for 14 years. Despite of this, there is no any development on this issue. Same grievances still continue. My brother lost his life in that way. His family, all of us are victimized and suffered a lot. We want the government to take this into consideration. This is a humanitarian condition."

"If he had been dealt before, his illness would not have gone so far"

Ahmet Şahin's wife, Fatma Şahin, summarized the process they experienced in the following way: "Due to Islamic services, he entered prison in 2001. He stayed 7-8 years in the prison. He caught sick in prison. They didn’t interested in him and his sickness. That’s why his illness progressed. My husband told me that he was asking from the prison administration for taking him to hospital because he was vomiting blood but the prison administration ignored him. My husband wasn’t ill before the prison, he caught illness in the prison. He had been severely tortured and maybe he was infected with torture. He passed away short after he got out of the prison due to his illness. If he has been dealt before, his sickness wouldn’t have gone so far.”

"My mother raised us on difficult conditions"

After the death of his father, Hasan Şahin, son of Ahmet Şahin, stated that his mother had to raise his three brothers together with him alone. He said: "When my father was captured we were very young and we grew up without my father. My mother after my father grew up us under difficult circumstances. My father was ill while he was in prison. My father passed away, but we want the patient prisoners who are now in prison to be released before they die." (ILKHA)

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