Families of patient prisoners want their voices to be heard

Families of patient prisoners want their voices to be heard

Added date : 2017-02-02 11:50

BATMAN - Mehmet Olam's family, who has been detained for 16 years because of his Islamic identity and who has had heart surgery in prison, want their victimization to be seen now.

Families of patient prisoners want their voices to be heard

The persecution and grievances that are sustained on Islamic identities by FETO and different parallels in the state are still continuing. Wife of Mehmet Olam, who had been arrested for 16 years due to his Islamic identity and suffered various diseases in prison, and then had a heart surgery, said that his husband's health condition did not give life to prison conditions and should be released.

Mehmet Olam, who was detained in police’s plot while he was working at Batman in 2001, was exposed to severe tortures and sentenced by the court. Olam has been sentenced to heavy penalties in the proceedings in which the rules of the law are ignored. He has been in prison for 16 years.

Olam, suffering from various illnesses in prison for many years, passed a heart attack during his imprisonment about a month ago in prison. Olam was taken to the hospital where he was removed, stents were placed into his veins and sent to prison again. Olam's family, who said that he was abandoned to death in the prison, is worried that his end is going to be like other sick prisoners who lose their life because of illnesses in prison. The family of Mehmet Olam, who told to ILKHA what they have lived and asked the persecution that has been going on for years to come to an end.

"My brother had no health problems when he entered prison"

Hüseyin Olam, who said that his brother Mehmet and he were kidnapped in 1998 by deep structures in the state, said, "We stayed in custody for 10 days and were released after heavy tortures. Then I was caught again and taken into custody, my brother was taken again after being detained and released for 4 months in prison. My brother was recently arrested again in 2001 and has been sentenced to life imprisonment. For about 16 years he is in prison. My brother Mehmet had no health problems while he entered in prison. But during his time in prison he had some discomforts and illnesses. He had a heart attack in prison about a month before. He was taken to the hospital, angiography was performed and it was determined that there was a problem in his two veins. Stents were placed in one vein, another vein was enlarged, and then he was put in prison again.”

Reminded that many of Muslim brothers and sisters are struggling in prison due to their sickness, Olam said, “There are brothers in the jail who caught illness and lost their lives. There are many of brother are suffering because of illness in prisons. If these siblings were supposed to be left-wingers, these people would have been evicted so far. At least they would send to their families. But they became blind, deaf and dumb when the prisoners are with Islamic identity."

"Sick prisoners should be sent to their families”

Olam, referring to the silence of the victims of Islamic prisoners, "About 250 people were evacuated due to various illnesses during the presidency era of Ahmet Necdet Sezer. Most of which were members of DHKP-C, MLCP. Many prisoners released during the period of Abdullah Gül by the excuse of a variety of diseases. I hope that a regulations related to prisoners to be performed and President using the authority to open a solution to these prisoners, we also ask those prisoners to be released. We also don’t believe that those prisoners had a crime when they entered to the prison. We think that they jailed with the plots of a structure called FETO terrorist organization, a gang organization. Especially considering the circumstances of these sick prisoners, we demand that they should be send to their families."

"They should be released before they die"

Hülya Olam, who emphasized that her husband Mehmet Olam had no illness before entering prison and that he was caught in a lot of diseases in prison, said "My husband has been in prison for 16 years and when he entered prison he had no complaints, no illness, he got sick, he had a heart attack, he had asthma, bronchitis. After all of these illnesses have emerged after he was sent to the prison. There are a large number of brothers like him in the prison, and all of them are sick. Our expectation is to release them as soon as. There are sick prisoners who died in prison before. We want patient prisoners to be released before they die. We have suffered a lot. My children were very little and now all of them have grown up. I have raised my children on their own initiative, without a father. I want a new rehearing for them and we want them to be released."

"I grew up with my father for 16 years"

When her father entered prison, Sara Olam, who was only 3 years old, stated that she grew up with her father's desire and said, "I grew up with longing of my father. I don’t want any more me or other children to grow up without their father. This separation should come to an end. We want him to be released. Our mother has looked after so far and we want our father to be with us too. We want to feel a little fatherly affection."

Seher Olam, who expressed his father's imprisonment when she was at the age of one, also said: "My father has been in prison for 16 years and my father has been arrested when I was one year old. We still longing for our father. I recognized my father in prison. I want him to come here as soon as possible. (ILKHA)

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