"Muslims did not call 'Christian Terrorism' for Christians”

"Muslims did not call 'Christian Terrorism' for Christians”

Added date : 2017-02-08 11:50

BATMAN - Diyanet-Sen [Union of Religious] Batman Branch Chairman Hamit Ergin said that Muslims did not use the "Christian Terrorism" idiom, which assesses the increasing attacks on Islam and Muslims in the West.

After US President Donald Trump's ban on the entry of citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan into the US, the hatred of Muslims in the West has become ever more dangerous.

A new attack on Muslims takes place almost every day in the western countries that try to teach tolerance and freedoms, especially human rights, to the world at every opportunity.

About a week ago, 8 Muslims were wounded while 6 Muslims were martyred in the armed attack on the Québec City Islamic Cultural Center in Canada, which Muslims used as places of worship in the city. On the other hand, the Khadijah Masjid Islamic Center in Montreal was attacked with stone and eggs.

Throughout history, non-Muslims have been attacked and massacred against Muslims. Diyanet-Sen Batman Branch Chairman Hamit Ergin evaluated the increase in attacks on Muslims, in particular, after the President of the United States Donald Trump came to the fore, wished mercy for the martyrs in Canada and cursed the attack.

Noting that the increase in attacks on Islam in the West after newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, he said, "There are discourses about Islam and symbols of Islam, the citizens of seven Islamic countries forbade the entry of America. This decision of the United States is not a pleasant decision, I condemn this decision and curse it. So they have problems with Islam. Immediately after the Trump’s decision, some Christians in a Canadian city attacked the Muslims', martyred our six Muslim brothers and eight of our Muslim brothers were wounded."

"Muslims did not call 'Christian Terrorism' for Christians”

Mentioning that they want to open a front against the international Islam with attacks on the mosques and Muslims, he said, "They found Islam as rivaling and threatening to them. Especially in the Middle East, they are in fight against Islam in order to reach their interests. Muslims did not call 'Christian Terrorism' but Muslim terrorists have been used at Trump's oath ceremony and during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Turkiye. So it is not the words that develop on their own. It turns out that there is a discourse that has developed by imperialism."

"The world needs Islam and Muslims"

Ergin said that Western civilization should abandon the abuse against Islam and continued, "Trump, who is weak mind, if would have used these phrases alone, we would say there is such a perception in the world that his mind is weak. Merkel also comes and goes to Turkiye in Islamic country, talking in front of its President and mentioning about Islamist terror, it means that these are really matters that they cannot take with Islam. We want from Western civilization to abandon this ugly rhetoric right away. Those phrases are benefice neither for them nor for humanity on earth. Islam is a religion of peace. If we do not want war in this world. We must abandon these discourses if we want peace. In the background of this, there is a rapid spread of Islamic religion, especially in Europe, which is now they worrying about Islam. Their system is clogged. Imperialism, capitalism, materialism, whatever they are, these systems are completely blocked."

"Now the complaisance is to Islam"

Ergin, who stressed that the systems of the West are blocked and that people are directed to Islam, said: "The complaisance is to Islam nowadays. They want to terrorize this and support this terrorism with their own hands. All the terrorist organizations in the world are organized by the agents of America, CIA and Israel Zionism. We know that Trump has confessed to the fact that the Daesh [ISIS] was founded by America in the election period. The massacres were produced, learned and carried out by their servants. At the end, with the expression of the Qur'an, 'Allah will fulfill His glory, whether they want it or not.'"

Ergin, who recently condemned the stony and egg attack in Canada, used the following expressions: "In addition, according to reports we received in Canada, a second attack was carried out. This is not an armed attack but an agenda that will ultimately disturb people. I have strongly condemned this attack, and I am sure that there will be a discerning people in Europe who will realize that this policy of Trump will mark the end of disbelief even if we see it as a shame. Will cause it to spread rapidly in Europe, and we are taking its mark especially from America." (ILKHA)

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