"Do not get Van cats out of the province"

"Do not get Van cats out of the province"

Added date : 2017-02-13 12:08

VAN - Professor of YYU [Yüzüncü Yıl University] Van Cat Research Center Dr. Abdullah Kaya said that the original odd-eyed Van cats should only be kept in the city to protect of tourism and the purity of breed.

The Van cat, one eye turquoise, the other amber, silky white feather, is the only cat type that loves to play in the water and voluntarily swim in the water. Dr. Abdullah Kaya warning that Van cats should not be given out, invited the local people to be sensitive about this issue.

Speaking on the characteristics of Van cats to ILKHA Prof. Dr. Kaya pointed out that Van cats are the only type of cat that is self-confident, loving, and peaceful and emotionally loving to swim in the water and play with water.

Kaya said that Van Cats Research Center was founded in 1992 within the framework of Yüzüncü Yıl University and said that the center was founded with the aim of carrying out researches on the cats and protecting the purity of breed and saving them from extinction.

"We consider the year 2016 to be a fruitful year for us as it is a center for Van cats research. The increase in the number of our breeding mothers and the increase in the number of pure Van breeding kittens we have received shows that our success in this issue. When we say Van cats, two eyes are turquoise, or two eyes are amber, or one eye is turquoise, and the other eye is an amber animal come to mind. Which is more an increase in the number of odd-eyed cats. There is no problem with the number of other species. Because when a mother gives birth to 5 kittens one of them may be the odd-eyed. So we are trying to increase this odd-eyed rate especially at the Van Cats Research Center which 80 to 90 percent of the animals we have are made up of these kinds of cats."

Kaya pointed out that they wanted to keep the original odd-eyed cats only in Van, "We do not have a goal to keep all the cats born at the Van Cats Research Center. But our main goal is to have a large number of Van cats in Van, but to keep the origins here. So we have to duplicate the origins of the Van cats, we have to increase this number both in Van and in Turkiye. If we keep all the cats we produce, then this requires a huge burden and financial burden."

"It is problem to get odd-eyes Van cats out of the province"

Kaya warned that Van cats shouldn’t be taken out of the province by any means necessary, said that people of Van should pay attention to this matter in order to make people come to Van and see cats to contribute tourism.

Kaya said, "Since the danger of extinction of breed is the odd-eyed, we mostly keep them here. It is very problematic to get then out of the province because the number of animals born is very low. Think that you produce one hundred animals, 20 of them are odd-eyed. There is a demand of 10 thousand of this odd-eyes cat. What are you going to do to keep it here? That’s why this is a very valuable center. We want Van cats not to be given out of the province as much as possible. We do not give it.” 

"As if there is a necessity to give a cat as a gift" 

Asking for support from the people of Van for not giving a cat outside, Kaya continued his words as follows:

"But when we look at the city, it is as if there is a necessity to present a cat to every human being. In fact, people of Van need to help us in this matter. We are trying to prevent only with our efforts, but if the citizens do not help us, we are missing a moment. If the Van cat is beautiful, it's the original, it's a tourism factor and people have to come to Van to see it. You do not have to send it to them. Let them come here, be our guest, have our Van breakfast and see our cats.

"Van cats is an exceptional animal"

Kaya, who gives information about the differences of Van cats with other cat species, said that Van cats have the characteristics of swimming, love and disgust, "There are many kinds of cats in the world, there are many kinds of cats from scots to Iran. Van is much more intelligent in terms of its ability to learn. At the same time, it is much more emotional, and the player who has a much better relationship with the owner and is a fan of swimming. So it is a young and dynamic animal with white silky feathers.”

During the semester holiday, Kaya said that many visitors came to the Van Cats Research Center and said that they had got some more calm days in the center with the opening of the schools. (ILKHA)

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