"The best way to get rid of drugs is to meet the Qur’an"

"The best way to get rid of drugs is to meet the Qur’an"

Added date : 2017-02-22 17:58

GAZIANTEP - Young man could not get rid of the drug despite repeated treatment to get rid of drug addiction, said that his life changed after he met the Qur'an.

A man named MA who lives in Gaziantep says that he couldn’t get rid of drugs despite his treatment in the treatment centers repeatedly to get rid of drug addiction, said that the best way to get rid of addiction is to meet the Qur'an and Muslim personages.

Increasing substance addiction in Turkiye continues to threaten society. The fact that the use of substances, which become increasingly common in the society, reaches to very young ages also reveals the dimension of danger. It is noteworthy that the use of narcotics is spread especially in the suburbs.

The narcotics traffickers, who are commonly referred to as ‘corner boy’, target young people in the spiritual gap. The young people falling into the trap of drug illness are getting more and more bogged down with new friends around.

The twenty-five-years-old young man, MA, stated that he got addicted to drug in his young ages through with his close friends. Said that he got rid of drug with the help of youth those are going to mosque. MA claimed that the treatment centers opened for drug abstinence from drug abuse were insufficient to save drug addicts.

MA said that that he has been drug addicts for many years, have said that they are habitually habituated through close friends and that drug dealers are targeting more young people who are in spiritual gap.

He said that he had problems with his family from the moment he started to use drugs. He told ILKHA how he started to use drugs and how he got rid of, saying that he is no different from a dead living in times when he is addicted to drugs.

Stating that drug use is more common in rural areas, MA said, "My drug start is from the neighborhood where I live. The drug I use in my neighborhood is very common. Almost everyone in the neighborhood we live in is using drugs. We have been pushed into this kind of stuff by people in our drugstore and our friends. When we went down to the park or wherever we went in the neighborhood, we were seeing drug users. As we have seen, over time, we get used to drugs like this. Naturally we youngsters also fall into this trap because the people around us are using illness called drugs."

Noting that many of the young people falling into drug bogs are not aware of the danger they are falling into, and that many people want to get rid of this swamp, MA said that they should seriously struggle with drug traffickers and drug sellers.

Stating that the drugs were sold almost everywhere, MA said, "Drugs are sold very easily between the neighborhoods. They usually sell openly in park corners. There are some shops with a business look. Like the phone shop, the billiard room and the coffee shop, but they can easily sell all types of drugs from the other side. I could reach the drugs easily at any shop in my neighborhood when I used drugs. They were selling drugs in businesses like this, such as birdcage shop, coffee shop, internet café and telephone shop."

"Drugs are brought to the neighborhoods, especially by PKK"

“Some of the drug dealers are PKK or PKK sympathizers,” he said. “Drugs came from certain places. Especially PKK was brought into the neighborhood. They were bringing them in large quantities. After that they sell comfortably. They were obviously selling drugs in the neighborhoods. The big sellers were selling it in secret places."

Drawing attention to the fact that the target mass of drug dealers is young people, MA underlined that drug traffickers targeted younger people who are in spiritual gap.

"Young people are getting used to drugs in some way. Today, it is a drug substance called "fire ice" which is very common especially. One person become addiction after one or two use, even if he does not want. They are forced to take drugs after they have fallen into a drug bog. This is also the reason for the proliferation of theft in recent times. The drug user is stealing because he does not work and does not have money."

"The best way to get rid of drugs is to meet the Qur'an and Muslim personalities"

Underlining that no one wants to fall into this swamp, MA noted that more efforts should be made to fight drugs and that the best way to get rid of drugs is to meet with the Qur'an and Muslim personalities, to be with them and to change their environment completely.

Expressing that there are people lost their lives because of drug use, MA said, "None of the drug users are satisfied with their lives. There are uses for enjoyment. But in general, nobody is happy with using drugs. I was not happy to use drugs during the periods I used myself. Since it is addictive, the person feels obliged after a certain time. The best way to get rid of drugs is to meet Muslim personalities, be with them, and change their environment completely. When people meet such beautiful people, they go to the mosque, read the Qur'an, and acquire Islamic knowledge. When the person does this, he falls apart from drug."

"Therapy centers have no impact on young people"

MA claimed that the treatment centers were inadequate to save addicts from drug bog, argued that in the treatment centers they remain addiction, and that even those who started treatment centers fell into the trap of drug dealers they met in the center.

Noting that the treatment centers have no influence on the young people, MA said that the he got rid of drug with the struggle of young people who went to the mosque, said:

"If the parents deliver their children to Muslim personalities, there will be no problem of drugs."

"Those who want to get rid of drugs go to AMATEM. But the person is infecting different environments there. The person is going to be treated there. He meets different people there. He's meeting people he's never known before. Unfortunately, in this way people are starting to trade drugs now. They make environment in that way. AMATEMs have no use in the treatment process. Treatment centers do not have any factor for me. There is no influence on young people. The only cure for this is to really meet Muslim youth and people. The families also need their children to suggest and direct this way. They have to deliver their children to Muslim personalities. Families instead of AMATEM, if they deliver their children to Muslim personalities, there will be no problem of drugs."

"Treatment was the Qur’an, I opened a new page in my life"

Recognizing that there is no benefit from the treatment center, MA said that, AMATEM and other treatment centers, which indicate that these medicines also make drug dependence.

"I went to get treatment to get rid of the drugs. But treatment did not help me. I even got to know different people at the treatment center. I even saw people using drugs when I left. In fact, a friend of mine started to use drugs as soon he finished his treatment. I had Muslim personality’s friends I knew earlier. I met them. Allah bless them, I have escaped from the drugs by their help. The treatment was also the Qur'an. AMATEM and other treatment centers had no effect on me. But when people are really given the love of Islam and the Qur'an, it can be placed in the heart of the person. I got rid of the drug like this. Thank Allah, I am totally out of my old life now. I opened a new page in my life."

Referring to the importance of raising awareness among young people, MA recommends that those who want to get rid of drugs first leave their old environment and open a new page in their lives:

"My family, relatives and neighbors were extremely uncomfortable with my previous life. In fact, my friends' families were suggesting to their children, 'Do not go out with him, you'll be like him.' But now my family is very happy with me. Families who have previously warned their children to travel with me say, 'May my son go with you'. Indeed the environment is very important."

Stating that drug use also caused personality disorder in the course of time, MA said that in this regard, the families had great duties.

"Here I am calling to the young people: change your environment to get rid of drugs. Drug illness burns both the world and the welfare of man. Get away from the illness of drugs as soon as possible and meet Muslim personalities, go to mosques, go to Islamic NGOs, learn and read the Qur'an. Stay where the religion of Allah is spoken, get rid of this disease.” (ILKHA)

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