Metin Yüksel’s brother narrates him on his 38th martyrdom anniversary

Metin Yüksel’s brother narrates him on his 38th martyrdom anniversary

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NEWS CENTER - Müfid Yüksel, describes the example personality of Metin Yüksel who had been killed in an armed attack on the exit of Friday prayer, said that his brother was always trying to make his Islamic dawah progress.

Metin Yüksel’s brother narrates him on his 38th martyrdom anniversary

Metin Yüksel remembered in his 38th anniversary of the martyrdom who was attacked by a group of idealists [racist] due to his Islamic services in the close of Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, on the exit of Friday prayer on February 23, 1979.

Müfid Yüksel, researcher-writer, spoke to ILKHA on the anniversary of his brother's martyrdom, emphasized that Metin Yüksel was a man of action and said that he was always in an effort to advance the Islamic dawah.

Full interview with researcher-writer Müfid Yüksel:

Your martyred brother, Metin Yüksel, how was he?

"Nimble and a man in constant motion"

Allah mercy him. He was in the most vibrant period of his youth. He has not finished 21 years yet. He was nimble and a man in constant motion. He was charming that dragged people after him. He was dynamic, energetic and capable. He was courageous and fearless. That’s because he has such features, he was martyred. This devotion to today's people is no longer observable. There was a flesh that did not fit in the face, and it would not stop. Some things were given by Allah. If Allah has given such a blessing to a man? It works. Of course he used this effect in the right direction. Used for right and for the people. He gave his life on this path.

What was the ideal of a martyr, that he sacrificed his life for that sake?

"Skill needs to gather so many people together"

He had a dawah he sincerely connected. In this dawah, he gave his days and nights off without hesitation. Akıncılar Association, founded by this regard, came to an important place in Turkiye. In great impossibilities, great things came out. He gave miraculous dynamism and soul to a dilapidated madrasa. It need skill to gather so many people together.

What do you think are the reasons why the dark foci are disturbed with Martyr's Metin Yüksel?

"In a period of time when the darkness run wild, he influenced on the youth”

In a period of time, when dark foci and deep focuses were running wild and all kinds of operations were carried out, he caused great influence and excitement on youth. These dark structures continued their existence towards the spoil of youthfulness. At that time, the triggers called the idealistic [racist] youth were at the under of and served the dark foci. At that time, he wasn’t insensitive in the Islamic world events. He had made revolution posters months before the Iranian Islamic Revolution. He also worked for Moro in Afghanistan and the Philippines. Was sensitive to good works and ran for these jobs. He was mobilizing his environment.

Martyr Metin Yüksel, how was he in his childhood?

"He made a room a miniature mosque in his home"

Even the games we played when we were kids were different. He made a room of his home a miniature mosque. He brought the children of the neighborhood and distributed sugar. Metin would make conversation to them and prayed together. The games we played in our home was a miniature masjid. At the same time Metin had a wise direction. Sometimes he pulls in his shell, he would think. He was responsible. He would not out people in risk. He was far from being selfish. When we were children, when we went to secondary school, he formed a structure called Islamic Society. Metin then enlarged this society and later established the Akıncılar Association. He founded the Islamic League at the age of 15 became the root for Akıncılar Association.

How did the words of "martyrdom is a call to all generations and ages ..." revealed which identified with Martyr Metin Yüksel?

He wrote "The martyrdom is a call, all generations and ages ..." words beside me. He wanted to publish a magazine, he wrote those words beside of me. He also wrote children's poems and asked to enrich the magazine. He wanted to write children's books. My other brother Nedim and Metin work together with other books, wanting to make books out of them. They prepared all their work. That words was also written for the magazine cover.

What were the most important factors in his moral decency?

Family therapy is very important. Family effect on his moral decency. At the same time the reading of the book was also influential in his decency. We have built a library of religious books. Metin, Nedim and I took great care of the books, we would have a reading day. We created a library of books such as Risali Nur, Ilmihal, and Islamic history. Despite the negativity at the time, this dynamism protected. He gave seminars to the association. He called people, gave seminars. There were many important personalities. A doctor comes in once a week, and the poor people there are also examined. He took the children of the neighborhood to the mosque.

Who is Metin Yüksel?

On July 17, 1958, he was born on the Kolongo plateau of Bitlis province. His father is Molla Sadreddin Yüksel, a well-known Islamic scholar in the Islamic world, and his mother is the daughter of Sheikh Masum, from Nurshin, well-known sheikhs of the East.

In his childhood years he moved to Istanbul's Fatih neighborhood along with his family. Metin Yüksel also took his primary and secondary school education here. Despite all of his father's insistence, he leaves school and takes the education of Islamic science from many relatives, especially his father.

On October 26, 1977, Yüksel, who was attacked by eight left-wing people with three friends in front of Darüşşafaka High School, wounded with 3 bullets, 2 of which were hit his stomach and one of which was on his knee.

On February 23, 1979, Metin Yüksel, was armed attacked after the Friday prayer on the close of the Fatih Mosque, reached martyrdom.

Metin Yüksel, buried in Istanbul-Edirnekapı Necatibey Martyrdom. (ILKHA) 

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Metin Yüksel’s brother narrates him on his 38th martyrdom anniversary

Metin Yüksel’s brother narrates him on his 38th martyrdom anniversary

2017-02-24 15:11:37

Müfid Yüksel, describes the example personality of Metin Yüksel who had been killed in an armed attack on the exit of Friday prayer, said that his brother was always trying to make his Islamic dawah progress.

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