Molla Gıyaseddin, a massacred imam by deep state

Molla Gıyaseddin, a massacred imam by deep state

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BATMAN - Molla Gıyaseddin Barlak, who had massacred by the confessors those were taken temporarily from prison by deep state of Bitlis in Tatvan district. His family commemorated his 23rd martyrdom anniversary and narrated his exemplary personalities.

Molla Gıyaseddin, a massacred imam  by deep state

Molla Gıyaseddin Barlak, who became the target of evils in Tatvan, district of Bitlis, due to his Islamic services and massacred on February 24, 1994 by the confessors of the deep state those were taken temporarily from the prison, is given mercy and gratitude on the anniversary of his martyrdom.

Molla Gıyaseddin, was born in the Yünkuşak village of Özalp district of Van, where his father was an honorary imam in 1966, settled in Gercüş district of his hometown Batman in 1974.Molla Gıyaseddin started his education life here, went to the mosque to get the education of the Qur'an. In childhood, his commitment to community and mosque, his success and his manner of the school, was always appreciated by elders and colleagues.

Molla Gıyaseddin completed the first, middle and high school in Gercüş. After high school, he started madrasah for Islamic education in Siirt, Gercüş, Silvan, Ergani, Cizre and Sason. Molla Gıyaseddin, who received madrasa education on the one hand, he finished Mardin İmam Hatip High School on the other hand with open education.

He won the imam test in 1990. Molla Gıyaseddin, was intelligent, well-behaved and successful, was loved by the environment and his friends. His loyalty to the Islamic dawah, his harmony with his friends, his good-humored, his fondness for the youth reading the Qur'an, his commitment to the mosque and the congregation were making his friends envious.

Molla Gıyaseddin, who was also a tradesman for a while, did not hesitate to sacrifice for the dawah by making an effort to educate young people with Islamic morality. After winning imam test, he waited for three years and then in 1993 he started to work as a muezzin in the Tatvan district of Bitlis. Molla Gıyaseddin tried to direct the young people to the community, started to give many Islamic lessons, especially the Qur'anic lecture, by bringing together friends in the short time.

Islamic studies, good moral values ​​and the importance he gave to children in Tatvan were soon learned by everyone. This work of Molla Gıyaseddin, which looked at with envy by local people, disturbed the devilish focal. The devilish forces, who felt raw about his studies, began to threaten the families of the children who joined the Qur'an course. Devilish state deep forces tried to demotivate Molla Gıyaseddin at his work with threats, saturation, and intimidation but couldn’t. Then they decides to kill Molla Gıyaseddin as the last resort.

Dark hands decide to display another scene of the persecution and massacres in Tatvan that they have carried out in Kurdistan geography. For this, Molla Gıyaseddin was chosen as the target. They wanted to launch a new conflict process in Tatvan by offload the murder blame on PKK, which PKK was already slaughtered many Muslims in Kurdistan. The deep forces who have committed these treacherous schemes, demand Murat Kurtboğan, a confessor prisoner from Bitlis Prison and another confessor named Nurettin to kill Molla Gıyaseddin.

When history shows that February 24, 1994, after the tarawih prayer has performed in mosque, Molla Gıyaseddin took to way to home without being aware of the treacherous ambush. Public executioner of the state implements their treacherous plan. The traitors take advantage of the darkness in the evening and cross fired on Molla Gıyaseddin. Molla Gıyaseddin, who disrupts the silence of the darkness with the takbir voice, gave his soul to Allah.

Family of Molla Gıyaseddin who was massacred by dark forces at the age of 28, narrated him at his 23rd martyred anniversary.

"As long as we are alive, we will not forget him nor his enemies"

His father, 84-years-old Ahmet Barlak, says his son was a person with a pious, stated his son was moralized by Prophet Muhammad’s morals.

Father Barlak said, “No one would have disturbed from him. We received the news that he was a martyr in Ramadan. He was a person with a lot of knowledge and religious. He was a calm, an honest person. We left our rights to hereafter. As long as we are alive, we will not forget him nor his enemies.”

His mother Makbule Barlak said that his son was engaged when he was martyred, and added, "Allah may not left our rights to those oppressors. Oppressors have martyred him. Rights of my son was left for hereafter. His morality was very beautiful, soft and compassionate. I will not forget my son until the day of death.”

When Molla Gıyaseddin's older brother Mahmut Barlak narrated his brother, said that Molla Gıyaseddin suffered great troubles due to the disease called Albino. Barlak said, "My brother is the 3rd child in 8 children of the family. His skin was all white due to Albino disease. He was very sensitive to the sun, and light.”

“His disease was not an obstacle for him to serve Islamic dawah”

“In his study of Arabic, his morality, decency, and sincerity were in a position to be exemplified among his companions” said brother Barlak and continued, “The sensitivity of his body and his eyes was never became an obstacle for him to serve in his Islamic dawah, or to his study. After having an Islamic idea, he gave himself to the Islamic dawah. He was not one to argue with in the family, in the society, or among his friends.”

"His moral, his service and reading the Qur'an was in a position to show an example"

Barlak pointed out that his brother was very much loved by the people because of his Islamic services in Tatvan, where he served his duty. "We have been in the same position as it was in everywhere that the people who were Muslims and Islamic people had suffered during those troubled periods of the 90s. My brother after took his imam hatip hight school diploma, he entered the imamate exam and started to work in Tatvan. Where he worked in Tatvan near a year he had a very good dialogue between people in there. He was in a position to show an example with his moral, service and reading Qur’an. Tatvan people loved him very much.”

"A man was Muslim enough to be killed"

Barlak pointed out that his brother was killed only because he lived and tried to live an Islamic life, “It was enough for a person to become a Muslim in the hazy atmosphere of the 90s and to be killed. It did not matter that he was a member of any congregation. It was enough for them as a crime to tell Allah to the people. When he left the tarawih prayer in February of 94, our brother was martyred by dark forces at that time, cruelly, in a foolish manner, without any guilt. What was the crime that this person was murdered by the oppressors in this way?”

"The state is both blind and deaf of the murders on this side from the east of the Euphrates"

Barlak, emphasizing that no action has been taken against them, even though murderers of his brother Molla Gıyaseddin appears, he said: “People who pulled the trigger were the dark forces of that time. The State's JİTEM, Ergenekon, and FETO, all are responsible and have blood of my brother on their hands. Although the people who shoot bullets are known for 23 years to the state at this moment, the state has been blind and deaf most of the murders on this side from the east of the Euphrates.”

"When we said we were going to have a wedding, we got news of his martyrdom"

Barlak, who neither expressed his brother's forgotten nor said that they have stopped from his dawah, said: "The quietness of our brother will never be forgotten. My brother was only 28 years old, he was just engaged and we were preparing for marriage ceremony. We said that he would make a wedding and we heard his martyrdom. My brother has been martyred for 23 years, neither have we kept ourselves away from his cause, nor have we forgotten our brother.” (ILKHA)

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