HUDA PAR delegation examines in the earthquake region

HUDA PAR delegation examines in the earthquake region

Added date : 2017-03-06 16:38

ADIYAMAN - After the earthquake in the town of Adıyaman Samsat, HUDA PAR delegation visited citizens who remaines in the tent, listened to the problems and troubles.

HUDA PAR delegation examines in the earthquake region

HUDA PAR Vice Chairmen Mehmed Yavuz, Aydin Gök, Eyüp Yanaç and party delegation, who went to the earthquake zone of 5.5 magnitude in Adıyaman's town of Samsat on Thursday, March 2, listened to the problems and troubles experienced by the earthquake victims who remains in the tents.

After the reviews, HUDA PAR Vice Chairman Mehmet Yavuz, who has been in explanation to the press, said that serious damage has occurred to the buildings in Samsat district which is the epicenter of the earthquake.

Yavuz stated that they also see volunteer charities and authorities operating in the region and added that they have been following developments closely since the day of the earthquake.

“It's a pleasure that no one lost life”

Yavuz, “By one on one interview with citizens, we asked whether there are problems, difficulties or deficiencies. We made interview with the deputy governor and the authorities. As a result of our negotiations, we have seen that our poverty-stricken people have no serious difficulties except for certain deficiencies. It is rewarding that there is no loss of life. There have been outpatients. There are no casualties in the hospital right now.”

According to the information given by the authorities, Yavuz stated that 90% of the houses are damaged, “But the issue that we are most interested in is the intervention of the state authorities in time for them.”

Yavuz stated that it is a pleasure to have come to this stage. “It is the fact that the Islamic brotherhood, which is the main fact of this country that the Governor, the officials of AFAD, Red Crescent and Social Policy Ministry, the volunteer organizations are here to help each other in situations.”

"Education will not be stopped"

Yavuz shared the information about the steps taken in the field of education and received from the Deputy Governor in this regard, said:

“According to the information we received from our Deputy Governor, tents were set up in a manner to be education center and will start on Monday. Our students who do not fit in here will be provided with the transportation system to the Adıyaman City Center and the education and training will not be prevented.”

The delegation left the area after the examinations. (ILKHA)

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