A ton of explosives used in Mardin’s attack

A ton of explosives used in Mardin’s attack

Added date : 2017-03-15 13:31

MARDIN - The details of the attack began to be clarified that a hand-made explosive trapped in Mardin-Diyarbakır highway, detonated during the passage of the military vehicle which caused the loss of lives of two soldiers.

A ton of explosives used in Mardin’s attack

Details of the attacks began to emerge that a hand-made explosive detonated during the passage of a military vehicle at Mardin-Diyarbakır Highway Mazıdağı Crossroad which two soldiers lost their lives. It was stated the explosive was close to a tone that used.

According to the information, Mazıdağı Aksu Gendarmerie Station Command was searching mine and handmade explosives on the Mardin-Diyarbakır Motorway. The military pickup doing the security of the soldiers who control the mines and explosive Mazıdağı crossroad position, the explosive that laid before detonated during the passage of vehicle at 08.35. The 2 expert sergeants who were in the pickup lost their lives at the scene.

After the attack, a large number of police, soldiers and ambulances were dispatched to the scene. While the highway was closed to traffic in a bidirectional way, the military troops who lost their lives were taken to the Mardin State Hospital morgue.

Following the inspections at the scene, the road was opened to traffic in one direction. The pickup was removed from the road with the help of a tractor.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the explosion, which was placed under the asphalt long ago, is close to one ton. Explosive, detonated by remote control.

Statement from the governor

Commenting on the topic, the Mardin Governor's Office stated that the attack occurred during the mine and explosive search activities. Explaining, "Today at 08:35 am during the mine/handmade explosion control carried out by Mazıdağı district Aksu gendarmerie headquarters on the Mardin-Diyarbakır Motorway, two heroic soldiers lost their lives as a result of the detonation of handmade bombs previously laid out by the members of separatist terror organization [PKK].” (M. Salih Keskin - ILKHA)

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Ramadan message from Mustazafs Association

Ramadan message from Mustazafs Association

2017-05-26 17:54:19

Mustazafs Association Headquarters has issued a message on the occasion of Ramadan which will start tomorrow.

Ramadan starts with the first sahur tonight

Ramadan starts with the first sahur tonight

2017-05-26 17:02:59

Ramadan, Sultan of the eleven-month, will begin with the first sahur tonight. Holy Ramadan will be welcoming first by Ardahan with the entrance of the isha time tonight, and Muğla will be the last province to start fasting.

Ramadan message from Yapıcıoğlu

Ramadan message from Yapıcıoğlu

2017-05-26 16:49:39

HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, issued a message on the occasion of Ramadan wished that the Ramadan to conduce toward welfare and brotherhood for Islamic world, be salvation for humanity.

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