“Imperialist forces are in Syria not for the people, but for their own interests”

“Imperialist forces are in Syria not for the people, but for their own interests”

Added date : 2017-04-08 12:19

BITLIS - Evaluating the agenda in Bitlis, HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu drew attention to last development in Syria said that the imperialist forces are there not for the people of Syria but for their own interests.

“Imperialist forces are in Syria not for the people, but for their own interests”

Yapıcıoğlu made important statements on the chemical attack on the city of Idlib, the flowing US missile attack on the Syrian military base and referendum on April 16.

Yapıcıoğlu reminded that the US has launched more than 50 missiles in the attack on the Syrian military base, said, “The attack on the base has been on the agenda of both Turkiye and the whole world. Responds came from domestic authorities as well as from other countries. In Turkiye, government officials, the President and foreign minister supported the attack. When the United States said that it could find military intervention, Turkiye announced that it would support it.”

“There is a regime that produces oppression in Syria from the beginning”

"Neither America nor Russia or any European country should enter the territory of Syria, and intervene in it,” said Yapıcıoğlu and emphasized that there must not be a situation in which it can accepted by the Ummah.

“From the beginning we are saying that in Syria there is a regime that produces persecution and that the state is governed by a cruel personality and mentality. Some of those who want to change this cruel regime have requested that the West come and intervene. The regime itself and the regime supporters also requested for help from other imperialists to be protected. We are saying that all are wrong. Neither America, nor Russia or any European country, should enter the Syrian territory. There should not be a situation in which it can be accepted by the Ummah.”

“Those who think that the West's conscience is moving are very wrong”

“Everyone must know this, neither America nor Russia or any other imperialist forces when they enter into Syria, they will not come to protect the interest of Syrian people or interest of any group in Syria,” said Yapıcıoğlu and continued his words as follows:

“Absolutely they [imperialists] came there for their own interests. Those who think that the conscience of the West goes into action because they see the inanimate bodies of the innocent babies who died after the chemical attack that took place a few days ago are in a very bad mistake. They [the west] kill hundreds of thousands of people more than those who lost their lives in this chemical massacre, and they will continue massacres. They want to settle down in the area for their own interests and especially for the security of zionism. We are reminding once again for those who got happy. If they settle down here then you will have to spend 10 years maybe to dismantle them from here.”

“Tomorrow you will not have the right to object"

Underlining that the US should not be tolerated, Yapıcıoğlu pointed out the misconception of those who remain silent or support the attack of the US, said, “If you give the right to the US to judge alone, to prosecute and the right to imprisonment as well as the right to execute because of a criminal, when the same happen to you tomorrow then you will not have the right for objection, you will be on your own, no one will feel sorry for you.”

“The conflict between the US and Russia in Syria is to protect their own interests”

On a question “Is there any possibility of confrontation for the America and Russia in Syrian territory?” of a journalist, Yapıcıoğlu said, “America and Russia, if they conflict in the Syrian land, they will conflict in order to defend their own interests, to secure their own interests. Russia neither confronts America to preserve the Syrian regime nor does America protect innocent people, they face Russia when it comes to protecting the regime or another group. When they need their interests they only confront them. Yes, they condemned. But in our view, there is no difference between inviting Russia or inviting America there.”

At the end of statement, Yapıcıoğlu reminded that they were at the point where they were standing on the first day of the referendum and that they would use the vote “yes” by going to the ball and saying “We did not make this decision because this person or this group or party. We decided that we believe we should say “yes” with the conviction that this change is in the interests of the nation and the country.” (ILKHA)

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