People in Batman come together loyally for the Prophet

People in Batman come together loyally for the Prophet

Added date : 2017-04-24 12:26

BATMAN - The Platform of the Prophet Lovers organized the “Holy Birth” event in Batman Mawlid Rally Area with the intense Prophet Muhammad lovers’ participation. In the event, it was emphasized that governments should be managed by faithful people for rights and justice to be dominated.

People in Batman come together loyally for the Prophet

Prophet lover people showed intense interest to the “Prophet Muhammad guide of Rights and Justice” theme Holy Birth activity held by Prophet Lovers Platform in Mawlid Rally area.

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, Vice Presidents, General Administrative Board Members and provincial and district organizations participated in the celebration of the Holy Birth. The event also included Molla Enver Kılıçarslan, the president of the Scholars and the Madrasas Union, a large number of scholars, Islamic community representatives, opinion leaders and NGO representatives.

Doğruhaber Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Theologian-author Mehmet Göktaş said that Batman's city is a city with love of Muhammad, speaking to tens of thousands.

Göktaş emphasized that the disbelievers, the enemies of the “Mawlid” how they couldn’t extinguish the light of Allah's Prophet, this shine will grow from day to day. He stated that Muhammad was sent to raise the right and justice and to keep it alive.

“Since He was a child, He has been doing his best to keep the right, to remove injustice”

Göktaş said: “Allah has chosen him specially. He has been chosen to do something against the persecution the distortion in the world. It is not a coincidence. When Allah chooses Him, He has put it in view: My Prophet will be an orphan, will know to what fatherless looks like.  My Prophet will be motherless, will be in poverty.”

“The Prophet was struggling to fulfill justice”

Göktaş reminded that the Prophet rescued the girls who were buried alive under the earth, “Allah knew that in this world ladies are being overwhelmed, and if the world goes to war, women will be the first to suffer. That’s why when Allah sent His Messenger, He was saying, ‘O the world, o people, look I will fill the house of the Messenger with the girls, and with the wives, with aunts. See how He dealt with the daughters, the mothers, and the wives, what are their right-law He will show it to you’. The Prophet was struggling to fulfill justice.”

At the end of his speech, Göktaş gave the following message: “The world to go towards depravement if unbelievers and merciless are on power. Allah has given a task to His Messenger. Compassionate was not enough. What else needed? Here is what Allah reveals to His Messenger: ‘O Muhammad, you will take the administration, and you will not give power and strength to the tyrants.’ If you are not in power or if you are not in management, cry as much as you want, you cannot do anything in the corner of your houses. We will get the administration as our Prophet did.”

Afterwards, the researcher-writer Mahmut Kılınç made a speech in Kurdish language in the program stated that with the coming of April, the hearts have filled with love of Muhammad.

Kılınç said that it is not possible to describe the Prophet Muhammad, said, “O Rasulullah, today is the anniversary of your birth today. Words are inadequate in describing of you. The glory and honor are with you. You are more valuable than our mother and our father. It is very meaningful to organize this event on the hard days of Ummah, when the ummah tears.”

“Muslims have been immersed in the wool-gathering in the absence of justice”

Kılınç said that Europe and America occupied the Islamic lands in the name of justice and continued his speech by stating that mankind is in need of more justice than ever.

“Today, in the name of justice Europe and America are occupying our lands, bombing our cities, mosques, killing our women and children. Here is the justice of the Prophet Muhammad, and there the justice of Europe. We need more rights and justice than ever. Muslims have been immersed in wool-gathering in the absence ıf justice. Now our clamor for Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and all over the world rise to the sky and we say when Allah’s help will come. Projects of infidels are now out of date. The sunglow of infidels is fake, here it is coming the dawn of Islam.”

10 items of “Holy Birth” message

Then Platform Spox M. Ali Altun, read a 10-matter containing the message Holy Birth on behalf of the Prophet Lovers Platform.

The 10 articles Altun reads are as follows:

-Right and Justice; in the solution of all problems and troubles, to go to the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Where the Qur'an and Sunnah are not judges and referees, right and justice cannot be mentioned. To serve the Qur'an and the Sunnah is to serve the personally, justice and fairness. The demand of claimants will not do anything other than to change the actors of injustice and oppression if it not based on the Qur'an and Sunnah. Muslims, however, will find their way if they protect the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. It is abasement that the Islamic ummah has given up on each other and expect justice and fairness from unbelievers and tyrants.

-Right and Justice; to get rid of the mess and disintegration and to provide welfare. The main reason for the fragmentation that we are in is the conflicts between the Muslims. Conflict resolution; is the achievement of the welfare of all Muslims without regard to any race, sect or religion. Every part of the Ummah must approach one another on the basis of right and justice, be “like a wall of steel” against unbelievers and persecution; It must tighten its rows to establish justice.

-Right and Justice; is to hold Allah's line entirely instead of hoping for the representatives of disbelievers to finish the conflicts. In the Qur'an, resolution of the conflict that can occur within the ummah are clearly given. Muslims cannot refer to the solution of their own problems to the forerunners of kufr. Instead of solving our problems, disbelievers deepen conflict.

-Right and Justice; is to shelter of peace from the wreckage of conflict, massacres and destructions. Peace cannot be mentioned on the ground that there are weapons and clashes among Muslims. “If two groups of believers strike against each other, correct them ...” [Qur’an, Hucurat 9], the divine message must be the motto. Establishment of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa's right and justice way is only way for the whole world to be in peace and welfare with the Islamic world. Right and justice; is to front Muhammad’s divine message for the peace and welfare of the world.

-Right and Justice; is to run just witness from lie, slander and distortions. Lie, slander and false news are important reasons for the conflict and violence between Muslims. Among Muslims, reports aimed corruption must never be respected. Enmity, a racial hatred, should never be head of injustice.

-Right and Justice; to embrace the brotherhood of Islam from hatred and enmity. Muslim is the brother of the Muslim. He will not persecute him and will not deliver him to the cruelty. No agreements and charges; give right to choose the oppressors and the enemies of Islam to the Muslim brother. This is a compulsory principle that Muslim individuals, Islamic societies and Muslim countries should pay attention to. The brotherhood of the Ansar and Muhajirin is the best example for Muslims.

-Right and Justice; to reach the safe port of loyalty and righteousness from deception, distraction and foolishness. In the solution of the problems and given the basic rights, they should be transparent, never be trifled and deceived. The solution of the questions should not be fed to political gains, and fundamental rights and freedoms should not be negotiated in any way.

-Right and Justice; to revive the spirit of solidarity against poverty, hunger and exhaustion of the poor. Zakat and aid, the most beautiful means with the establishment of social justice and struggle with poverty, should be placed among the Muslims in complete. Muslims should prefer their brothers to their souls in order to meet their needs. If the Ummah of Islam as long as was in solidarity then the societies and individuals have lived in right and justice.

-Right and Justice; is to the enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom from the darkness of ignorance. There is ignorance on the basis of hostility and othering among Muslims. We must fight against this with science, wisdom and understanding. Science and wisdom; should be sought like Muslims lost possession and should be struggled for this till to death.

-Right and Justice; to escape from the slavery of the human systems and to be servant of Allah. The source of all the troubles we live in; are non-Islamic human systems. These human systems exposed to us; to be slave for them.

The program ended with a prayer. (M. Fatih Akgül- ILKHA)

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