“Our people give the most effective answer against defamations”

“Our people give the most effective answer against defamations”

Added date : 2017-04-25 09:02

BATMAN - Participating in the activity of Holy Birth held in Batman by Prophet Lovers Platform, scholars shared their feelings. Scholars remarked that people gave the most beautiful answer to those who want to shadow the activities of the Holy Births.

“Our people give the most effective answer against defamations”

The scholars who participated in the activity of Holy Birth organized by the Platform of Prophet Lovers with the theme of “The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] guide of the Right and the Justice” shared their feelings and thoughts to ILKHA and stated that the interest shown in the event was a good answer to the enemies of Islam and those who could not digest the activities.

Molla Enver Kılıçaslan, the President of the Union of the Scholars and the Madrassas, reminded that 10-15 years ago the activities of the Holy Birth were held in closed areas in Batman said that those who follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad will saint in the world and in the hereafter.

Kılıçaslan said, “The Platform of Prophet Muhammad started activities with a few people in closed spaces. Today, thanks to Allah, praise and thanksgiving, when close areas were not enough, now rally areas are filling. Not only in this society but also in other Islamic societies, there are activities in the bases to love the Prophet, and Alhamdulillah gave the result of the work of this mosque. Today thousands of women, girls, old and generous people have settled the love and affection of the Prophet through these activities. I am proud of this picture and we thank to Allah.”

“Whoever follows the way of the Prophet, Allah will saint him in the world and hereafter”

Kılıçaslan emphasized that the Prophet Muhammad was introduced to the most beautiful way through the activities, “It is taught that how our Prophet is justice, compassion, mercy and guidance. Whoever follows this path, Allah will saint him in the world and hereafter. Allah says; ‘greatness is belong to Allah, His messengers and Muslims but hypocrites do not know that’. That’s why we are hopeful from Allah. It is how our Prophet was alone in Mecca, emigrating in dark places, advancing this cause in torment and torture. Thanks to Allah the cause of the Prophet has spread to the world.”

Kılıçaslan said: “Some people cannot digest the awake of Muslims, and this society of Muslims. They envy them. Though they are Muslims, their color is Muslim, but they know Islam only in themselves. This is ignorance and a big mistake. Indeed who is in love with Islam, and who pursue the cause of Islam are our brother, their place are on our head. But we see some people. They envy when some other passing them at the servant to Islam. Like Abu-Gahel, ‘I know that Muhammad speaks truthfully, does not lie but I do not accept that the Messenger came from Hashemites,’ was saying. The Jews know that Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah, but they are envied because the Prophet is not from the sons of Prophet Isaac but from the sons of Prophet Ishmael. Brothers of Joseph knew that Joseph is a Prophet, but because their father loved him so much, so they envied him. Vallahi those who are against these Islamic studies and activities birthday, it is because of their envies. It is not Islamic, it is the devilish.”

“Those who are with the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] are on the right path”

Molla Zeki Bilgin, one of the well-known scholars of the region, stated that Muhammad's Birthday is a very important event in the Islamic world, said that, “The birth of Prophet Muhammad conduced to plentifulness to the whole universe. Those who were in wrong, have moved away from all evil through the Messenger of Allah. Those who are with the Prophet are very compassionate to each other and they are violent and courageous against the infidels. Participants of this Holy Birth activity are here because of their complete faith. Muslims celebrate the birth of Prophet in the best way.”

“Muslim Kurdish people responded well to the defamation campaign executives”

Molla Abdulkudüs Yalçın, a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of the Scholars and the Madrassas, pointed out that Kurdish people are people stick to the Prophet Muhammad, “This picture shows that Batman [SE city of Turkiye] is especially Kurdish people are stick to their religion. Many games have been played on this nation, to make them remove away from this religion, praise to Allah, they haven’t succeed in this issue. This picture, this crowd is witness of the issue. Our people, Kurdish people really are Muslims.”

Recalling that the Batman people gave a nice answer to the defamation efforts of the Holy Birth activists in these recent days, Yalçın said, “We have heard recently that some says these activities are projects belong to FETO. But what we were seeing that FETO was preventing people to participate in these activities. Even the lawyers and prosecutors of FETO were launching cases against NGOs those making Holy Birth activities, and sending them to prison.  Thus they were serving on behalf of others who are not really sincere people but these are discourses against Islam and they are in the service of someone else. Praise to Allah, our people gave a great answer against the blackmail.” (Mehmet Aslan - ILKHA)

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Martyrs of Susa commemorates upon their graves

Martyrs of Susa commemorates upon their graves

2017-06-27 13:45:30

Martyrs who were murdered in the mosque in the village of Susa, in Diyarbakır’s Silvan district on June 26, 1992, by PKK were commemorated upon their graves.

“Susa massacre is one of the rarest brutal massacre in history”

“Susa massacre is one of the rarest brutal massacre in history”

2017-06-26 18:52:21

HUDA PAR General Headquarters, which made a written statement because of the anniversary of the massacre of Susa, said that this massacre was one of the rarest brutal massacres in history.

Intense visit to Susa Martyrdom and the mosque of massacre

Intense visit to Susa Martyrdom and the mosque of massacre

2017-06-26 18:20:36

Participants in the Memorial Program of Susa Martyrs in Diyarbakır showed an intensive visit to the Susa Martyrdom and the mosque where the massacre took place.

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