Evaluations from scholars on Holy Birth activity

Evaluations from scholars on Holy Birth activity

Added date : 2017-05-01 12:45

DIYARBAKIR - Scholars evaluate the activity of the Holy Birth held Turkiye’s Diyarbakır, have stated that such activities are preparing the ground for Wahdat and that unity will happen by gathering around the love of the Prophet Muhammad.

Evaluations from scholars on Holy Birth activity

Scholars who have evaluated the activity of Holy Birth on the theme of “The Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]” in the Newroz Park Rally Site by the Platform of Prophet Lovers stated that such activities prepare grounds for Wahdat.

The scholars said that the Union will gather around the love of the Prophet Muhammad say that the common denominator of the Muslims is the love of the Prophet.

Sheikh Fatih Anal, one of the well-known opinion leaders in the region, expressed that the crowd gathered in the activity showed the love of the Prophet, expressing that people would be brothers by following Prophet Muhammad's way.

Explaining the benefit of the celebrated Holy Birth events on the society, Sheikh Fatih said, “If you follow the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and follow his path, nobody in the world will disturb anyone and everybody becomes a brother. I am also very pleased with these events and want to be done all the time. There are many benefits of these activities. You see, a million people have gathered here, all of them for the Prophet. Sometimes it is difficult to tell feelings. This crowd shows the love of our Prophet. I thank the organizers of this event.”

“Union will happen by gathering around the love of Prophet [PBUH]”

Sheikh Fatih emphasized wahdat and said, “But the wahdat [unity], will happen by gathering around the love of Prophet. Whoever is gathered around the Prophet, walking on the line of Him, will becomes brother and union will happen. To be together without looking at race, color and nationality.”

Siyer Research Foundation Chair Muhammad Emin Yıldırım said that the only thing that will raise the Islamic Ummah is the love of the Prophet.

“The most fundamental issue of Al-Sira is the matter of rights and justice"

Expressing that the theme of the Prophet Lovers Platform was meaningful, Yıldırım said, “We are here to live this beautiful happiness together. Some features of our Prophet must be explained in those kind of days. Be sure that the most important issue that we can highlight is the right and justice. That is why I congratulate the Platform of Prophet Lovers for this theme. The theme of choice is a very important characteristic that we need to reflect to our world today as Muslims. Because we live in an unjust world. The best place to learn about this matter is undoubtedly the life of our Prophet. In particular, the most fundamental issue of Al-Sira [Life of Prophet] is the issue of rights and justice.”

“If we can come together in action, we will unveil unity it in the next period”

Emphasizing that the view in the activity area is important in terms of unity, Yıldırım continued his words as follows:

“When you look at the view, it shows how nice a step is already taken in the name of this unity. Even in this protocol, there are people from all over the Islamic geography. There are people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. A lot of people from the east and west come here and live this beautiful enthusiasm. This shows that the unity is not a matter that can happen at the table, we need to understand it very well. When you sit at the table as Muslims and say ‘Let's do something for the welfare of the Muslims, for the unity, for the existence,’ even this causes the emergence of new conflicts. Vahdet only happens with the act. Because our common denominator is the love of the Prophet. If we can come together in action, then we will unveil the union in the next period. Therefore, these programs have such a prominence. Hopefully, there will be grounds for some things to happen in the name of wahdat.”

Yıldırım pointed out that the Islamic Ummah must understand the love of the Prophet for the re-establishment of the Ummah. “It has been 14 centuries since the time of the Prophet. Till to this time, the Islamic ummah has come together and raised with the love of Prophet Muhammad when it has been in the mess, in the occupation and has experienced problems. If we want to rise once again as an ummah, all we have to do is to understand this Prophet's love and fulfill it. I hope these programs will be instrumental in this.”

Diyarbakır Grand Mosque Imam Osman Yağmur said that the activities of Holy Birth, in particular Diyarbakir, have united the ummah in general.

“We need to make efforts for the restoration of peace by sending the message of the Prophet to all the masses”

Yağmur said, “The factor that unites Muslims is the Qur'an and the Sunnah. These events will be very useful. It encourages young people and people and bestows consciousness. We need to spread them in the other 364 days, not just make once a year. It is not ethical to just remember the Prophet in one day and continue in the other 364 days without remembering the Prophet. We just need to evaluate these days as a reminder. In all other days, we must use our expressions to convey the message of our Prophet [PBUH] to all the masses and make efforts for the facility of peace.” (M. Hüseyin Temel / Fırat Arslan / Cihan Turan - ILKHA)

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