Participants from abroad evaluate Holy Birth activity

Participants from abroad evaluate Holy Birth activity

Added date : 2017-05-01 14:38

DIYARBAKIR - Politicians and scholars who participated Holy Birth activity from abroad that held in Turkiye’s Diyarbakır reminded that the activity reminds of the old victories of Islam that the welfare of the Islamic Ummah has passed through the message of Prophet Muhammad.

Participants from abroad evaluate Holy Birth activity

Politicians and scholars from Egypt, Jordan and Sudan who participated in the Holy Birth activity held in Newroz Park Rally Site in Diyarbakır by Prophet Lovers Platform under the theme of “Prophet Muhammad, the Guide of Rights and Justice”, evaluated their view to ILKHA.

Participants from abroad who said that the celebration of Holy Birth reminded them of the old triumphs of Islam, said that the welfare of the Islamic ummah has passed through the message of Prophet Muhammad.

Following the bloody military coup d'état in Egypt, the Assembly Councilor Muhammad al-Sakhir said the activity reminded the resistance in the Tahrir and Rabia squares.

Saying that he hopes this sight to be seen elsewhere, Sakhir said, “This image I see reminds me of the old victories of Islam. It even reminded me of the Tahrir Square and the Rabia Square, which we resisted against the persecution, which we had overthrown Hosni Mubarak. I wish from Allah to show this view in other areas. This activity should not only be an event where the bodies come together. On the contrary, the hearts must approach each other and warm to each other. I also would like to thank HUDA PAR for their support. Allah commands in the Qur'an; 'Do not argue, do not disagree, if you do, you will fall weak. He also said, ‘Hold on to the line of Allah.’ Ibn Abbas defines Allah’s line (rope) as the Qur'an. The Ummah’s part is to hold the Qur'an tightly, which is the rope of Allah. It is through this to provide Islamic Wahdat and unity.”

The political footsteps of Jamaat Islami in Egypt, Chairman of the Building and Development Party in Turkiye, Islam Al-Khamri, said that the crowd gathered in the event reminds of the glorious victory of Islam.

"These people reminds me once more of the ancient glorious history of Islam"

Al-Khamri said, “Thousands of people have come from different places, and many scholars from other Islamic towns are gathered here. This shows us that Muslims should be in unity, never to be apart. These people reminded me of the old glorious history of Islam once again.”

Evaluating the theme of this event, Khamri said, “The theme was chosen very beautiful. Especially in a world where the existence of justice is not mentioned, the processing of such a theme refreshes the person. Indeed, Muslims, owner of Justice Muslims, processing this theme is very nice. In addition, where Muslims name mentioning with the terrorism, declared terrorists, declared unjust, this meeting has shown that Muslims are people of rights. Our religion is the right.”

“Muslims here have given morale to Egyptians”

Khamri who said that the crowd gathered in the event said to the people of Egypt, “Do not withdraw the people of Egypt, we are one Ummah, we will defend your rights as we defend our rights. At present, there are 60 thousand Muslims and President Muhammad Morsi is under great torture. Even though they are not guilty, they are imprisoned in prison. However, the people of Egypt are absolutely determined to take their rights again and to return the President [Morsi] to his office. Absolutely no steps will be taken back. Muslims here gave morale to Egyptians.”

Hasan Selman, a member of the Kenyan Scholars Association who participated in the event from Sudan, stated that the Ummah did not agree with anything other than Prophet Muhammad.

“I thank those who choses theme of our Prophet is Prophets of right and justice”

Salman, a member of the Kenya Scholars Association added that the crowd’s heart beats with the love of the Prophet, said, “This crowd shows that; they are lovers of Prophet. The topic chosen is very important. Indeed, our Prophet is the Prophet of right and justice. I thank those for choosing the theme. When Muslims are attached to their religion, world domination was under their hands, but imperialists have begun to divide Muslims under the name of nationalism under the name of races. That is why the ummah was shattered. Islam collects sect, religion whatever it is. Islam accepts the whole nations. We have seen here that this crowd is ‘Lailaheillallah’, is a single word. This ummah does not want anything other than Allah's religion, the Prophet's religion, and his love, and it does not show any satisfaction.”

Dr. Aish Elebban who participated from Yarmouk University from Jordan, also stated that it is time for the Islamic Ummah to wake up.

Dr. Elebban said, “I find myself like I am around the Kaaba. We feel like all Muslims have given shoulder to shoulder, white, black, Kurdish, Turks and turning around Kaaba. The unity of the Muslims makes heart unity. The heart unity is also go through unity of idea. I am calling to the young people of the Islamic ummah, read a lot. Because they are the scholars who make up the heart union. The Islamic ummah should wake up now. The Islamic ummah is in a sleep even if we do not want. Maybe Diyarbakir is not so, but the only welfare is to understand the message of the Prophet.” (M. Hüseyin Temel / Fırat Arslan / Emrah Deniz - ILKHA)

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