“America has never brought freedom to people”

“America has never brought freedom to people”

Added date : 2017-05-06 14:05

SANLIURFA - People of Akçakale, district of Turkiye’s Şanlıurfa said that the US never brought freedom to the people, reacted to the support given by the USA to the PYD.

“America has never brought freedom to people”

In Şanlıurfa’s Akçakale which is one of the most effected place since the beginning of Syria civil war on 2011, people waiting as uneasy due to the last few days of conflict with the PYD.

People of Akçakale who consider digging trenches in both side of the border region as a preparation for a war in the near future, do not want a new conflict to happen. The people of Akçakale, who evaluated the mobility that lived in recent days to ILKHA, especially react to the US which supports PYD.

Akçakale’s people reacted to the US armored vehicle seen in Tell Abyad, showing examples of stance of the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying that wherever the US enters the blood and tears never stop.

Adnan Ersöz, who stated that people are in uneasiness in the recent days, said that “The PYD, which is the extension of the PKK tends to provoke Turkiye with the support of the United States, and that Turkiye has begun to take certain measures to protect its own border made people feel uneasy. Of course, we want Turkiye to be the supporter of all the oppressed peoples. As a result everyone is doing their duty. When Muslims start to do their duty, such negative consequences will come to an end. This mobility, as a tradesman, both materially and spiritually affects our children and our family psychologically.”

“There is serious uneasiness in the present moment,” said Abdulhakim Dağbaşı, another resident of Akçakale and added, “There is nothing clear what will happen. The fact that the PYD is in the territory of the region is also frightening because of the support of the United States. We have seen the US allies in Iraq before! What kind of democracy they brought. Nobody wants war. Because people living in both places are Muslim. But America and Russia, acting like they are democracy apostle! Because they are the head of unrest in this region, we do not expect anything positive from them. It is the expectation of the people that Turkiye should be with the people and take forward steps according to this.”

Abdulkadir Dağbaşı, who stated that the people would be a victim if there is a war again as it is happened before, said:

“Our people are uneasiness due to the attack on Turkish border stations from Syria's Telabad district. We are already victim for several years because of the Syrian war. And because of this mobility, our tradesmen and our people will be victims. We, the people of Akçakale, are disturbed by the fact that America is throwing seeds of corruption in the region. As we have already seen in Iraq before, America has never brought freedom to people. On the contrary it occupied the places they went. We see this as a people in Akcakale. And we want the peoples on the other side to react to this. America has never done anything to the benefit of Muslims or people.”

Mustafa Koç, who expressed that the long-lasting end of the battlefield was once again disturbing the public seriously, said that this disturbance also reflected in his works.

Koç said, “In Akçakale, according to previous periods, the end of the war was better. But at the moment there is a serious nervousness. According to the senses we have received, the PYDs previously located in Akçakale were removed from Akçakale. Because we got a feeling it would be a serious war. There is a serious nervousness among people. This uneasiness reflected in our business as well. The people are curious; will the state carry us somewhere else? There may be a serious conflict in the region, and now we see with our own eyes that the PYD has pointed the barrels to Akcakale and has taken a position for us. It has recently been reflected in the press. The Turkish Army Forces has begun to digging trenches so there is a war at the door. We, as people from Akçakale, have seen the massacres of America, in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and in other parts of the world. We are sensing this.” (Osman Gülebak, Hüseyin Yetmi - ILKHA)

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“There is no border in the Ummah geography”

2017-06-22 17:56:00

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The mosque massacre in PKK's bloody history: Susa

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“It is essential to continue good traits after Ramadan”

2017-06-22 15:42:06

Mehmet Şenlik, Vice-Chairman of the Union of Scholars, made an assessment on Eid of Ramadan, stated that the good traits acquired this month should always be continued.

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