They drink well water mixed with waste water

They drink well water mixed with waste water

Added date : 2017-05-06 15:28

DIYARBAKIR - Inhabitants of the neighborhood who do not have drinking water network in Kayapınar district of Diyarbakır drink well water mixed with sewage water.

They drink well water mixed with waste water

People in Diyarbakır's Kayapınar district Yolboyu Pirinçlik neighborhood have infrastructure and water problems. They expressed that they had to drink well water mixed with dirty water.

Residents of the neighborhood who stated that they drilled wells with their own means because there was no wastewater and drinking water network, but they said that drinking water mixed wastewater and that the children got sick.

The inhabitants of Yolboyu Pirinçlik neighborhood also stated that they do not have the shuttle to the school, which is 2 kilometers away, and stated that the children had to go to the school by using the muddy road.

Rabia Durmaz, one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, stated that they had petitioned several times, but could not receive any response.

Durmaz said, “We have no water, no electricity, no infrastructure, no school services, our children are infested with lice, and we are all in a difficult situation, living in difficult conditions. We are in the mud right now, we cannot send our children to the school, we all have germs, we are sick. When we have emergency patients, we cannot get our patients out of the way. When the ambulance arrives, because it stuck in the mud. We want help. We drink muddy water, and our children are diarrhea and vomiting every day. We're poisoned somehow.”

Medine Uğurlu one of the neighborhood residents, said, “We are in a miserable situation, we have small children, no electricity, no water, and all our machines are broke. There is no road, our children have difficulty going to the school. Because the road is muddy, our children do not want to go to the school. We want our children to be something, we haven’t studied but we don’t want our children to be like us. We want water, electricity and roads, and we've been miserable here. Our sewage and drinking water are mixed together and our children are poisoning.”

“Our children got infected because they drank contaminated water”

Another local Besra Birsen stated that they have mass trouble because of the lack of infrastructure. Celal Küçüker another resident stated that they applied to all relevant places and spoke as follows:

“We have four problems here; Sewer, water, electricity and road. Our children cannot go to school, the school is 2 kilometers away from us. I also went to the metropolitan municipality 3 times for this, I tried to reach district Governor, National Education Directorate. I have been fighting for 3 years. They always say yes, but nobody solves this problem. Here, the waste water and the well water are mixed together. Because there is no sewage, the waste water and drinking water well are on the side. When the two get into each other, our children become intestinal infections.” (Abdurrahman Tetik, Emrah Deniz - ILKHA)

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