HUDA PAR's former Tarsus county chairman wounded in an arm attack

HUDA PAR's former Tarsus county chairman wounded in an arm attack

Added date : 2015-07-23 13:52

MERSIN - HUDA PAR's former county chairman of Tarsus was seriously injured last night outside his workplace as a result of a gun attack by an unknown person with a mask.

HUDA PAR's former  Tarsus county chairman wounded in an arm attack

HUDA PAR's former county chairman of Tarsus M. Ali Kutan, was attacked with a gun and as a result of it he was seriously injured. The incident took place last night in the Barbaros district on Kizgizistan Street, outside his bakery.

Late last night there was also an attempt to burn down Kutan's workplace with a Molotov cocktail. However, people from the neighbourhood intervened and managed to get the assailants away from the area.

At approximately 9pm a group of people who were protesting in the neighborhood, headed towards the bakery with their shotguns. During the protests militants in the group were firing guns which hit Kutan as he was sitting with other shopkeepers.

Kutan was taken to hospital by the people from the neighbourhood, where an emergency surgery was required as a result of many pellets being found in his body.

It has been reported that his condition is still life threatening and tension carries on in some areas. (ILKHA)

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