“We will not step back for a moment from the love of Muhammad until the end of our life”

“We will not step back for a moment from the love of Muhammad until the end of our life”

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ISTANBUL - Holy Birth event held in Istanbul by Prophet Lovers Platform in Yenikapı Rally Site under the theme of “Prophet Muhammad, the Guide to the Rights and Justice” witnessed a great enthusiasm. In the event, the speakers gave an important message.

“We will not step back for a moment from the love of Muhammad until the end of our life”

The Platform of the Prophet Lovers Marmara Coordinator organized Holy Birth activity under the theme of Prophet Muhammad the Guide to the Right and Justice”.

Martyrs were not forgotten

Also in the event area were the posters of Yasin Börü who was slaughtered in October 6-7, 2014 events and Furkan Doğan who was martyred in the attack on Mavi Marmara.

Many of the representatives of political party, NGO officials, scholars, intellectuals, writers and opinion leaders, including HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu and the Deputy Chairmen participated to the Holy Birth activity.

In addition, Abdulhak Sharif, the Chief of Invitation of Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt and Dr. Tevekkul Masoud. Islam El Khamri, from the Jemaat-i Islami.  A delegation from Union of Scholars from Palestine. Munir Said and a delegation from Hamas. Bilal Shaban and his delegation from Lebanon. The President of the Damascus Scholar’s Union from Syria, Ebul Khayr Sukri. Sheikh Ridvan director of the Imam Ebu Hanife Madrassa. Lecturer Imadüddin Rashid, director of the Başakşehir Islamic Academy. Teacher Yusuf Ozturk from Başakşehir Islamic Academy. A delegation from Eritrea from Ummah Foundation. Lecturer Abdulmecid and his delegation from Persia in Baluchistan, Iran.

The program started at 14.00 with recitation of Quran read by Syrian Kurra Hafiz Sheikh Zeki Aseli. In the program, researcher-writer M. Ali Gönül, one of the spokesmen of the Prophet Lovers Platform read Holy Birth message.

Holy Birth’ message of Prophet Lovers Platform

Gönül, in the Message of Holy Birth, emphasized Muhammad's “Right and Justice” understanding and gave unity, solidarity and peace messages. Gönül stated that the source of all the troubles experienced by the Islamic Ummah; are because of non-Islamic human systems and emphasized that the way of getting rid of this bad situation is to be a rightful servant to Allah.

In the message read by M. Ali Gönül, the following important highlights were made:

1- Right and Justice; in the solution of all problems and troubles, to go to the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Where the Qur'an and Sunnah are not judges and referees, right and justice cannot be mentioned. To serve the Qur'an and the Sunnah is to serve the personally, just and fair.

It is abasement that the Islamic ummah which has given up on each other and expecting right and justice from unbelievers and the tyrants.

2-Right and Justice; to get rid of the mess and disorganization and to provide Wahdat [Solidarity].

The main reason for the fragmentation and division that we have, is the conflicts between the Muslims. Conflict resolution; is to ensure the welfare of all Muslims without regard to any race, sect or religion.

3-Right and Justice; to eliminate conflicts by bonding with the rope of Allah, instead of binding hope to the representatives of kufr [infidels] and brutality.

In the Qur'an, the conflict resolution that can occur within the ummah are clearly given. Muslims cannot refer to the solution of their own problems to the forerunners of kufr and tyranniser. Instead of solving our problems, disbelievers deepen with conflicts.

4- Rights and Justice; is to shelter under the peace from the wreckage of conflict, massacres and destructions.

Peace cannot be mentioned on the ground that there are weapons and clashes among Muslims. ‘If two groups of believers strike against one another, correct them...’ (Quran - Hucurat 9).

5- Rights and Justice; to run under the brotherhood shelter of Islam from lie, slander and distortions.

Lie, slander and false news; are important reasons of conflict and violence among Muslims. Muslims should never rely on news that targeting unrest.

6- Rights and Justice; to embrace the brotherhood of Islam from hatred and enmity.

Muslim is the brother of the Muslim. He will not persecute him and will not deliver him to the cruelty. 

7- Rights and Justice; to react the safe port of right and fidelity from the environment of deception, distraction and insecurity.

In the solution of the problems and given the basic rights, there should be transparent, never distracted and deceived. The solution of the problems should not be fed to political gains, and fundamental rights and freedoms should not be negotiated in any way.

8- Right and Justice; to revive the spirit of solidarity and aid and to get rid of the exhaustion of poverty and hunger.

Zakat and aid, the most beautiful means in establishment of social justice and struggle with poverty, should be placed among the Muslims. Muslims should prefer their brothers to their souls in order to meet their needs.

9- Right and Justice; to the enlightenment of science and wisdom from the darkness of ignorance and pompousness.

There is ignorance on the basis of hostility and othering among Muslims. Fighting ignorance must be with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

10 Rights and Justice; to get rid of the slavery of human systems and to be true servant to Allah.

The source of all the troubles we live in; they are non-Islamic human systems. These human systems expose us; is to be slave to them. The way to get rid of this bad situation and condition is to be true servant to Allah.

After that, Muhammed Emin Yıldırım, President of Siyar Search Foundation said that Yenikapı Rally Site hosted for many programs, but it is program is separate from others.

Yıldırım said, “Today we have not filled here for any congregation, party, and foundation. There is only one thing that brings us here is the love for the Messenger of Allah. We will not step back for a moment from the love of Muhammad until the end of our life. Even if Allah gives us a last breath, we will use our last breath for the Messenger of Allah's cause.”

“I see the breath of Ubeydullah, Aytaç Baran, Yasin, Cumali, Riyadh here”

“If a movement walks with the breath of the martyrs, no power will be able to break the breath of that movement,” said Yıldırım and added, “The breath of this movement is the breath of the martyrs. I see the breath of Ubeydullah, Aytac Baran, Yasin, Cumali, Riyadh here. Till that breath exists, this love will not stop for a moment.”

Yıldırım emphasized that Muslims should be siding to rights and justice, “We will be the passengers of the right road until the end of time. We will do what right and justice require from us. We will be with victims till the end of our life. We will stand against tyrants.”

“Justice is never equality”

“Justice is never equality. If we understand justice as equality, sometimes we will persecute. What we say justice is to give the lion meat and grass to the cow. Justice is a difficult task.”

Mehmet Göktaş, chief editor of Doğruhaber Newspaper, another speaker of the event, which began by recalling the resistance that Istanbul showed to the US-backed coup attempt on 15 July, stated:

“Those who took place on the front of the resistance on July 15, were the people who were filled with the love of the Prophet Muhammad”

“Istanbul, which added July 15 on May 29. Added another page to the honorable pages of the history. It was May 29, 1453. It is almost as important as conquest of Istanbul.” (Zeki Aras, M. Sıddık Bilge, Mustafa Bikeç - ILKHA)

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